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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    He's married, as am I. He has a family with his wife, as do I with mine. Yet we both seek out each other for sex.
    My wife who's older than me stopped wanting sex years ago, which left me, someone with a massive libido, a problem. My neighbour Alex, who's still in his mid twenties, also had a problem. From an early age he's enjoyed a cock up his arsehole.
    My way of resolving my sexual needs, like many men in my boat, was to find and fuck younger males. However it was getting a little problematic, as some of the young men I'd fucked became a little clingy. Not what a married granddad needed.
    Having a barbecue last year, we invited Alex, his wife and his two young kids around. After only an hour Alex cornered me and asked me straight out, if it was true that I liked to fuck young guys.
    Thinking the worst, I thought he was going to let everyone know because of his wife's view on homosexuality (Long story). Instead he looked down at my cock bulge and said "Love to find out if it's true".
    Taking him into our home on the pretense of showing him my football programs, I lead him into our bathroom and dropped my shorts. Even though my wife doesn't want sex anymore, the reason pretty much we got together was the size of my cock. I'm no oil painting, but I do have a generously large penis. When erect it measures just under nine inches and it's wonderfully thick too. The main reason I attracted so many willing young men off the gay contact site I once used.
    Alex's face was a picture of pure lust and he instantly dropped down to take my cock into his mouth. It was plain I wasn't his first, so I relaxed back and allowed him to give me one hell of a blow job. Thinking he was going to take me all the way, I got on the verge of cumming when he stood up, removed his own shorts and boxers and told me in no uncertain terms, to fuck him.
    When he bent over the bath tub, I spat on his arsehole and heard him say "I want it bareback, I want you to cum inside of me".
    My cock was up his beautiful hole, like a rat up a drain pipe. He took every inch of my dick and backed onto me, turning his head at one point to tell me to fuck him harder. It was so good to have a guy who enjoyed the type of sex I did, and I gave him everything he wanted.
    Alex began to toss himself off after about five minutes, and soon came all over the bath tub. Moments later I felt my cum rising and told him so. Alex turned again and said "Give it to me daddy". Hearing those words made my cock explode, and I came the like of which I'd not done so for years.
    Cleaning up we joined everyone out in the garden and we spoke as if we'd just gone through my entire collection of programs. My wife made some comment about me boring him and Alex very politely said "He's not boring me (but under his breath which I heard him say) only with his cock".
    The following day with my wife at work, I answered our front door to a very excited looking neighbour. He told me he had the afternoon off, and did I want to explore our sexual boundaries. Over the next two and a half hours, myself and Alex kissed, fondled, licked, sucked and fucked. With Alex taking three loads of my cum up his extremely willing fuck hole.
    Most days from then until this very morning, when I fucked him in our garden shed, Alex has called by to enjoy a chat. His pretty wife thinks we've become very good friends, and has even drove us over to a fishing spot I invited him to. We stayed overnight fishing and fucking and I even fucked him in the river as the sun began to break the following day.
    His wife is correct in her assumption, as her husband and I have become great friends. But we've also become extremly close lovers too. He enjoys having his mouth and arsehole fucked, almost as much as my cock loves being in his hot wet holes.

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