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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    In college I rented a garage apartment from this older couple. She was a church lady and that was her thing. He was retired and spent a lot of time around his place fixing this and that, doing the yard, etc. I paid my rent and basically kept out of the way.

    One late afternoon, it was still warm outside, my landlord was behind his house with a hose washing himself off. He was totally naked, when I caught him he was giving his penis the treatment. He was all soaped up and he was yanking on it and it was pretty hard. I was stunned, I stood there, but he broke the ice and told me that if I liked it so much why didn't I come over and stroke him. He spoke to me while he slowly stroked himself. He sent a stream of water from the hose onto me, he was insistent, he told me that he liked a nice young man who appreciated the better things in life.

    I didn't move. He put the hose down and walked over to me naked and touched my face and grabbed my crotch and said he would really like to spend some time with me. He had lost his erection, but not his nerve and he continued asking me if I would like to come in, his wife was at church for her Thursday night class and wouldn't be home until after nine, or we could go upstairs and we could have a good time.

    All the time he had me grabbed by the crotch, he hadn't let go. He asked me if I wanted a kiss, or if I wanted to lean over and give his cock a long suck, he wanted both, to kiss me and then have me lean over and give him a long suck. He won the contest and he took me inside his house and we went to his bedroom and he sat on the bed and undid my pants and sucked me.

    I had never had sex with a man, I got fucked that afternoon, and I had a long session of 69, and I was touched and kissed all over. My landlord was a retired line man for the utility company, he was in shape and he definitely liked getting in on. For me it was new, and I was nervous and scared. I paid my rent on time, and I spent time with him, sometimes he came up to see me on the excuse he had to nail something, which usually meant me, or sometimes if his wife was out we screwed in his room.

    He said that his wife knew about his perversion, and that had driven her to the church. I didn't believe him but he repeated it often, he liked to talk about it when I was sucking him or when he was having sex with me. If only his wife could watch him.

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