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    Straight Male / 49

    I am a basically straight married male. I absolutely adore women. But I have a dark deep dark secret. I dream of sucking another mans stiff throbbing cock, and swallowing his hot juicy load. When I was a teen, I could suck my own cock, and loved doing it. But I wish that I could find the perfect guy, get to know him, and trust him, and after we learn of each others secrets, he would let me get between his legs, and fulfill my dream, and give him the best blowjob he's ever had! I would make it last as long as I possibly could. He doesn't have to be hung like a horse. A normal 5-6 inch cock would drive me crazy. I just want to taste and satisfy another man, and swallow his hot delicious load of cum.

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    Same. Exact same. I can still suck my own cock and i swallow every time
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    OP to #1, You're lucky. I'm not as limber as I used to be. And my cock is only 6 inches long, so I can't quite reach it anymore. Sometimes I stroke my cock and keep licking the pre-cum off of my hand, and then catch my load in my hand, and lick it up. Not quite as much fun as sucking my own cock, but it'll have to do.
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    Tip for #2 and something I often do. Get yourself good and hard, lay on your back, then put your legs back over your head (Use cushions if needed). Your cock should be now facing downwards to your face. Masturbate and cum, pumping the semen into your mouth, then swallow your hot sticky load. I've done it countless times and I'm not that supple, Plus I'm sixty four... Good luck and enjoy :)
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    I'm number 1 here. I love the taste of my cum. I don't usually swallow right away either. I like to tiger pump my cock so i can savor the flavor for awhile until i actually cum, then i swallow it all. I can't selfsuck Everytime so I'll just roll over and pump that hot load in my mouth instead. I record it Everytime too. It's fairly easy for me since I'm early 30's and a nine inch cock. I'm so ready to taste somebody else's cum tho.
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    Thanks #3, I'll have to give that a try. Why the hell haven't I thought of that before?! And #4, I love the taste of my own cum too, and it really turns me on when I get a big load in my mouth. There's just something kinky, and erotic about eating my cum. But like you, I'm hoping to swallow another guys cum someday. It would be wonderful to be able to get between another guys legs, and be able to take my good old time licking, sucking, and slurping away in comfort, without all of the bending and stretching to reach my own little 6 inch cock. It would definitely be much more fun sucking another guys cock, watching him gyrate and pump his cock into my mouth. And when he's about to cum, really go to work on him, and feel his cock pulsing in my mouth as he unloads stream after hot sticky stream into my mouth as I savor every drop before I swallow it down. If I had a nice long cock like yours, of my own, I'd probably suck myself to death!
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    OP to #3, ok I did it. Got on my back, and stoked my cock until I shot a nice load. Missed my mouth completely, but shot it all over my face and chest. So cool and sexy. Went to the mirror and checked it out. I was loving it. I wish it was another guys cum all over my face, and hopefully in my mouth.
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    OP where you located?
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    In the Dakotas. I've been experimenting with #3's idea, and I'm loving it. Still can't quite reach my cock with my mouth. I HAVE learned to slow down my stroking when I'm ready to shoot my load. That way I can control the direction of the stream a little better. Still haven't hit my open mouth yet, but I'm getting close. It still feels good when a hot load hits my face. My wife is into Yoga, and always wants me to try it. I've always said no until now. I think I'm going to give it a try. She has no idea what I'm up to, but if she found out, I'd be toast. She has no idea that I eat my own cum, and now in my early 60's, I'm going to try to suck my own cock. I have to do my little contortion act when she's out of the house for the day. If she would ever walk into our bedroom unexpected and catch me rolled back on my shoulders with my cock in my mouth, people would most likely hear her scream from a mile away. lol. As for sucking another guys cock, I'm going to put that on hold for now. I still dream of it, but in my rural area, nothing stays a secret for long. I do know a guy a few hours away. I used to fuck his wife while they were separated once. She had showed me nude pictures of him back when they we together. He had a nice looking cock. Not too much bigger than mine, but it had my mouth watering. She knew that I had bi-sexual fantasy's, and I think that was why she showed me the pictures. After they got back together, she told him all about me and what we had done in bed. He loved it, and wanted to watch us. She also had told me that he had bi-sexual fantasy's. She was talking to me on the phone once, and he walked in and she gave him the phone. We had a nice conversation about how we liked to fuck his wife. I think that if I would give them a call, and could arrange it, we could do a 3-some. But I also think before it was over, it would just be us two guys. Hopefully I can make it happen.

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