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    Straight Female / 25

    i hope meghan markle and dumbum royals have to go eat dirt after all this buzzing year of shoving it down our neck with their kids asses up in the air and c**ty weddings that make you want to puke over them. (see the anti-royal song) I hate that old mean queen she doesn't care about people and what a towfaced lot, she is putting us all in hell and she should be put in the hell we have lived due to her and go and punch them all on their weddings and parades. i wish someone would puke over them. I hope someone pissing on every one of your parades. (see I hate the queen song) she knows she is on the way out. how many weddings can a n***ar want in a decade meghan? I mean really, 1 annulment, several lovers like a whore since school and a new husband every 3 years! and she is so innocent and unspoiled, right, sure. harrys daddy cum time with his whore poster nude bride. yeh. koostarkaz can now marry andrew and they can all do porn then. i wish they knew limpy and lonely like the rest of us, and poverty and illness. it wouldn't hurt them to go ignored.

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    I see where you are projecting your self-hatred outward but your confession for this site seems to be missing.
    5 days ago
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    Geez, lighten up. Go have a drink. Get laid. Life's too short to be so bitter about something that is outside of your control...
    5 days ago

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