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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hi. I'm not actually 18, but it's the lowest I can put on here lol.

    So where do I start? When I was about 4 or 5 I started realizing how good it felt to touch myself. I didn't know what I was doing but I would do it at night and sometimes I would put certain toys in my panties and rub myself against my bed because it felt so good on my little clit. I remember my dad slightly running his fingers down my slit when he would wipe me after I used the bathroom. I always enjoyed the feeling hut never said anything.

    As I got older, I knew i was pretty. I always got attention bevause of my long dark hair and dark bedroom eyes. Even as a child I loved teasing men. My grandmogher would only put me in dresses and i would sit sit with open legs at church and at malls so the pastor and others xould see me. I loved sitting in my grandpas friends laps and bouncing around. More than once I know i felr them get hard but i didnt know what it was at the time. I just liked the way I was held. I once made a decision to get out of the bathtub while my grandparents were having their friends over and ran around the house naked, showing off my little smooth pussy and flat chest. My little booty and pussy was on display when i bent over to grab the towel i "dropped" while running around.

    I started getting hips and tits around age 11 which attracted more men. I started wearing tight tank tops without a bra, which would infuriate my mother. My tiny budding titties pushed my nipples against my shirt and made them stick out. Some of my shirts were a thin material for summer, and I would often wear them to the park with a skirt (while my parents were at work) and meet my friends there. Sometimes I would just go on a walk to the park like that by myself And watch the dads play with their kids. I especially loved the ones there with their wives or girlfriends. I got into the habit of playing in the water section of the playground because it would soak my shirt and make it cling to my body. Since it was wet, you could see right through it. I would walk or sit near sime of the dads and tease them by lifting up my shirt or pressing it tighter against me so my nipples and tits were accentuated. I loved to flash them my pussy. I still didn't have hair on it so it was smooth and tight and small. I know more than a few got a good look.

    IT was during one of those times that it maybe went to far. I started understanding what it meant to be horny and I had no control over my hormones. I was 11 and my young virgin pussy was throbbing. I decided to go to the park and decided to wear a thin training bra with a white shirt and a a pair of shorts with some white panties. I ran through the water and got soaking wet. There were only a few people at the park that day, but one man in particular caught my attention. He was with his wife and two kids. He was muscular and tall. Had amazing hair. I remember him so well. He noticed me playing in the water and I decided to walk by him and take my shirt off on my way to the restrooms. Keep in mind I still had a thin bra on. I looked at him and smiled. His wife was with their kids on the slides. He said something to her and got up. I was drinking from the fountain when he came up behind me. He grabbed my by the waist, put me over his shoulder and we walked into the family designated bathroom, it was the only one that locked. He said "I've noticed you everytime I'm here. You shouldn't be doing that in the water. It's distracting to people." I laughed and said I didn't mind. He then told me if I wanted attention he would give it to me. I stood there confused and then he laughed and said "take off those shorts and wet little bra". I got nervous and didn't know what to do. So I took them off and stood there in my wet panties that were giving me a camel toe. He looked me up and down and smiled. He said "I like your little tits. Big ones are boring. They look nice on your young body." He reached out and touched one. I was terrified and started to get. He laughed again and said to not be scared. He wasn't going to hurt me, but I should know what's going to happen when I show off the way i do. He pinched my other nipple. I jumped. He told me to take my panties off, so I did. In my head I was excited. My young pussy was throbbing. I was scared but also curious. He stared my naked body for a little before he said "yes" to no one in particular. Like I said he was muscular and what he did next turns me on to this day. He pick me up and hoisted my legs to his shoulders and started eating my pussy. He licked and sucked on my clit and flicked in and out of my virgin hole. He did that for about 10 minutes. When he was done, he said "you taste so sweet. Like unused pussy". I said I was still a virgin. He became intense then. He grabbed my ass and said "not for long" . He opened up the baby changing table and flipped me on my stomach. I was standing with my ass facing him now. He got down and licked me from behind. He then pread my pussy lips apart and inserted one finger. I yelped and he said "do t make a sound. It's going to hurt." I started crying but it seemed to turn him on more now that I look back on it. He hoisted my hips up and pulled our his dick. It was massive. To this day I think it was around 8 inches long. He put it right at the entrance of my virgin hole and started to push. I almost screamed but he covered my mouth. He said "if you're going to act like a fuck toy, that's how I'm going to use you. You want it anyway". My eleven year old pussy was aching and burning and stretching. I didn't think he would fit. Nest thing I know he's putting his hands under my chest and lifting me up. He started fucking me saying things like "so tight" and "fuck so young". My pussy was holding onto his thick cock like grip. Eventually it felt like he was moving my body up and down instead him fucking me. I don't know if I came. I just know it hurt so good. My smooth tight ass was bouncing off of him. I could feel it jiggle everytime. Near the end he said " I'm going to cum inside you like a little sex a doll". he came inside me. He pulled out amd it statted running down my legs. I just stood there not knowing what to do. Blood and cum were pouring out of me and I was sore. He looked at me and said he would do this to me everyday he saw me. I started to get dressed and we heard his wife calling him. He looked at me and left.

    I went back to that park to see if he was there for the rest of the summer and never saw him again.

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