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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Six weeks ago I fucked a young male colleague at work out of pure sexual frustration and absolutely loved it.
    He'd been coming onto me for months before anything happened, with innuendo's and outright open invitations to suck my cock, and sometimes for me to fuck him.

    It was banter and I kind of liked the kid, so I never let it bother me.

    Before and during all this my wife and I were having less and less sex. Then my wife tells me out of the blue, she's being re baptised as a born again christian. I knew she was going to her new church more often, but it still came as a shock.

    The sex totally dried up and I became more and more frustrated.

    Oliver, the young lad, pulled me to one side in work pretty much after everyone had gone home six weeks ago. In a side office, he told me he was desperate for sex and I was his pick for the day.

    Usually I would have, as I had many times before, fobbed him off. Instead I opened my trousers, took out my cock and told him to suck it. His face lit up and he asked me if I was being serious. Gripping his hair, I yanked him down, and rammed my cock into his mouth.

    Oliver sucked on my dick a bit naively for no more than five minutes, before I pulled him back up, spun him around and literally ripped his trousers and very tight looking underpants off. He began to sound all concerned, but I was too far into it by then. Spiting on his arsehole, I forced him over a pile of boxes, and as if I'd done it countless times, I thrust my cock up his tight arse.

    Oliver made lots of crying sounds and turned his head as if to say stop, but no words came out. I didn't care though and carried on fucking him. It felt amazing, it felt like it should always feel, like I was the dominant person taking out my lust on another willing lover. All the weeks and months of having no sex, I took out on his arsehole and eventually Oliver, crying a little, began to back onto me.

    His sounds of pain I guess, changed to moans of pleasure and then I heard him saying "Oh yeh, that's it I'm cumming". Fucking him even harder, he shook violently and I knew he'd cum all over the boxes. Thrusting deeper into his gorgeous arse, I built up to what turned out to be one of the strongest orgasms I've ever experienced.

    Blowing my wad up his arsehole, I carried on pumping my cock up his hole until every drop had seeped out of my dick. Pullng out of his hole, I saw my cum beginning to leak out and scooped some up. Lifting him up and turning Oliver around, I force fed him my cum, then did something I thought I'd never do in my life, I kissed Oliver passionately.

    After cleaning up as best we could and getting dressed, he joined me in my office. Sitting down gingerly, he smiled at me and then said "I was a virgin up until fifteen minutes ago. You've taken my cherry and I'd like us to be, you know". He left it that as the office cleaner knocked on the door. But I told him we'd speak tomorrow.

    All that night, all I could think about was fucking his beautiful arsehole. I sat and questioned my sexuality, and I figured because I'd enjoyed it that much, and I had, I must now be bisexual. The realisation and admittance gave me renewed confidence in my sexual prowess, and it also made me see there were other avenue's if my wife no longer wanted sex with me.

    The following day and over the last six weeks, Oliver and I have had sex whenever we can. It's not always been anal sex, as his arsehole was sore for a while. I apologized to him for taking him so roughly, but he told me someone would have eventually fucked him, and he wanted it he thought, to be me.

    His words in my office that early evening were to say he'd like us to be an item, as he see's it. He's eighteen years old and not the best looking kid out there. But as I've learned over the last six weeks, his slim body, his little cock, which I've now sucked off a few times, and his enthuasism to be fucked more than make up for his plain looks.

    Oliver I know will move on to have sex with other lads his age. it's inevitable. But until then I'm going to enjoy him and his arsehole, fucking him as often as he can take it. We've even this past couple of weeks, began to fuck in my home when my wife goes to her church evenings. Oliver lives only a ten minute walk from my house, so it's relatively easy for us to plan it with texts. Plus with the weather being so nice of late, I've driven him to a place I know and fucked him outdoors.

    My life has changed so much in the last few weeks, and in some ways, I'm sad for my old life with my wife. Yet being positive, I now know no matter what, I'm going to continue enjoying fucking younger males and dominate every willing young arsehole I can.

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