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    Straight Female / 42

    I was cycling just few hours ago. It was bright sunny morning and I was only relaxing and enjoying the summer.

    I rode to new area where I have not been before. It was suburb. I was riding so slowly. Seeing all the houses and yards. Single houses, two story single houses, row houses, mobile homes, or little cabins in their back yarrd, and then people enjoying summer. I heard people talking, little bit of music from car radio and one person moving the lawn, and another sorting out firewood from the trailer. Few people were also driving bicycle. It was really peaceful ride.

    But I got so horny. I was living in a similar area few years ago and I began to wonder what kind of secrets all these people have. They seemed to be all perfect people. Good neighborhood. Not very rich neighborhood, but clearly people who care about other people. I could imagine neighbors greeting their neighbors.

    Most parents were still at work. Children were already coming from school. Some people were clearly having a holiday. How many people were masturbating at their homes right then? How many of those people were cheating someone right at that moment before their spouses, or girlfriends or boyfriends would come back home? How many trashcans had freshly used condoms or packets of pills, which they had used to prevent pregnancy?

    I was getting so horny and my imagination were running wild and having no limits.

    One mom were out with carriage and having young children with here. Were they really her husbands? Were there any mothers, or sisters or daughters, who had got sperm from their blood related family members today, last night, or last weekend and knew they were still having living sperm swimming all around inside them. I saw teenagers being at their yards or coming from school. Not much clothes. Did those siblings had plans to have sex before parents comes back from work? Were there any family members who are secretly pregnant for their cousins or even sons, brothers or fathers? I wanted to touch myself right there, but I couldn't. Were there any siblings who are living there like any other parents, going to work, having friends and hobbies, but also having children together. How many mothers have made their own grandchildren? Does all these people know their parents secrets? All those peaceful good people, with their dark dirty secrets, or were I only one with these thoughts!!! I was so wet my seat were all slick and my panties and skirt soaked.

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    Once in a while I get hot on a bike. I drive my camel toe into my saddle until I reach orgasm. No one has noticed.

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    OP here, when I was young teenager, I used to ride with my bike to nearby beach. I didn't actually wanted to go only to that beach but I visited there for a quick swim just to get my hair wet. I didn't had much friends there and it was dull to go swim alone.

    What I did was to rode into a small open space a the end of a short gravel path near the beach. The area were secluded. First I smoked that one smoke I had stole from my parents, because it was only place where I could smoke without getting caught. I felt so "cool" :)

    I had dry humped with my brother, but I wanted to fuck. We couldn't do it because we had no rubbers. There I always leaned over the handlebar and pulled my panties aside. I had a seat which had long and thin enough tip. Gently rocking back and forth with the bike and taking it in, it felt nasty and exciting and helping with my fingers I came all over it many times! That seat had color from me when my periods were begin or ending. I just wiped it off, but I couldn't get it all off and it reminded me of what I had done those summers. We moved away from there and took our secrets with us.

    Too bad none of my bicycles have not had a seat like that since then. I have tried to find suitable from the stores, but no luck.
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    So the camel toe gets a ride.

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