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    Straight Female / 34

    My day began like every other day. Getting my husband's breakfast ready, kissing him goodbye as he drove off to work, then getting the kids off to school.
    Bored and undersexulized is an understatement. I wanted my humdrum world to change and I wanted FUCKING again.
    For too long it had been vanila sex and boring vanila sex at that. I had tied believe me, god did I try, to spice things up. but my husband just didn't get it, and we soon fell back into that shit dead sexual monotony.
    The parcel delivery was expected, that's why I wasn't at the gym. What wasn't expected was the young hunk who delivered it. Not only was he good looking, had obviously kept himself in shape, but he gave me a look of "I'd love to get in your panties".
    Everything changed with that look. I'd had and believe me in this, many many many offers of sex over the years I'd been married to my husband. Not once had I even thought about cheating on him. What had altered was what my husband said to me that morning before he left. His words were "See you later honey, finishing early so I can play golf after work".
    That was it for me. Golf!!!, not "Hey honey, I'm coming home early to fuck the shit out of you, because you turn me on so much".
    I am good looking, some say really attractive. I am fit and have a very toned slim figure. My breasts are medium sized and firm. And my butt often turns heads when I wear tight fitting clothing. My long brunette hair and my trimmed pussy hair match, and I absolutely adore SEX.
    The delivery driver was just what I needed. He and I knew we were attracted to each other. So I didn't waste time.
    "Put the parcel down in there and if you've got time, come upstairs and fuck me". Those are the exact words I said to him.
    His rock hard cock wasn't the biggest cock I've ever been fucked by, but that's the point. He FUCKED me with it. He didn't play with my pussy, slowly and gently easing his cock up my love hole. No instead and what I told him to do, was fuck me hard, and in both my holes.
    I'd already sucked on his cock after rushing to remove our clothing. His cock instantly became hard and I wanted it so badly. Moving over to my husband's side of the bed on purpose, I knelt down and offered the young man both of my fuck holes. Turning to him I told him I wanted it roughly and he didn't disappoint.
    What he lacked in experience, he more than made up for in how he fucked me. it was rough, it was hard and it was fucking awesome. (Sorry for swearing so much).
    He gave me precisely what I needed, making me orgasm over and over again as he fucked my pussy and asshole time after time, switching positions countless times. By the time his cock exploded up my asshole as I rode his cock, he and I were sweating and my breasts as he played with them, were soaking.
    We showered together and only then did we kiss. His touch changed to a softer move loving kind of touch, but I still wanted to be taken, so I told him to treat me like a common whore. Spinning me around so I faced the spray, he rammed two fingers up my pussy and began to tell me I was a slut. The next thing I felt was his cock nudging at my asshole and pop, it entered me again.
    He fucked me like that for such a long time. I didn't orgasm like before, as he was forcing my whole body into the shower wall. It hurt to be in that position, but it was what I wanted. Then his hot cum erupted up my asshole and only then as the pressure of his weight lifted, did I climax with such an overwhelming intensity.
    Dried, dressed and having given me his number, I closed the front door after him, walked back upstairs and sat down on our remade bed, totally energized. Only then as I looked over at the mirror did I see the small hickey on my kneck.
    Not once did I cover it up. Not once in the next few days did my husband notice it. One of our kids did, and I told her I'd done it at the gym.
    This truly is an account of my day when my life changed. My husband still plays golf, and our sex life is just as hum drum. He still slides his cock in me pumping away a few times before his cock lets go. I never orgasm and I never even bother to ask anymore, if he's going to go down on me to get me off. I always look after our kids and I always make sure my husband has sex when HE wants it, which includes sucking his cock to completion sometimes.
    Yet, but, as well as, I also see my delivery driver each week and have him fuck the shit out of me. There's another guy too now. Someone I've met at the gym. He's no oil painting, but boy does he have a huge cock and a sex drive to match. We only see each other once a fortnight due to his work commitments, but when we fuck at the motel, he makes damn sure I can hardly walk when I leave.
    What I doing isn't for every bored, sexually lonely housewife. But believe me, there are thousands out there who are being looked after by other men, other than their boring husbands.

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