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    Sometimes I don't even get the chance to fully prepare before I have a guy burying his cock up my asshole. Usually I've already blown the motel owners cock by then, but I then get the room for free for two hours. The "open door" I then message out, meets with a regular crowd of married men who love fucking a cute young guy like me. It's guilt free fucking on their part and they get a very willing partner in me and my ass. Some guys only want sucking off, so I'll give those men a deep throat they don't get at home. Every guy that fucks me, I make wear a condom and use the lube I provide, and every guy I suck off I make damn sure they're clean. I hold my sessions most Friday afternoons and I've had as many as eight, usually married men, want to fuck my ass. The norm is around four to six, of which I'll suck off one or two. You name them and I've probably had em fuck me. From the average working guy, right up to top high ranking CEO's and everything in between. All the public services and even some armed service guys too. I know I'm cute and very young looking, plus I know my butt is a very fuckable ass too. So I have fun most Fridays and sexually service men who probably aren't getting any off their wives.
    You'd be surprised by just how many dads I've fucked since I was sixteen. One's who make out they're totally straight in their own world.

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    You should be awarded a medal of honour. Your life sounds so fulfilled and not at all creepy and whoreish. I mean a free 2 hour stay in a flea bag motel??? You're living the dream! You keep that up and you'll be able to avoid real connection all together.
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    #1 Sounds fucking great to me. Love to have multiple guys fucking me in a motel room. Not sure how many motels you've been in recently, but the ones I've used have been clean, bright and comfy.
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    Where you located?

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