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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    Going back several years now, before we got together, I was living with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is one of those guys who has a gift and can seduce women. He seduced me away from my relationship with my then girlfriend. It is the way he looks at you, touches you, and he gets you to let him kiss you. It is creepy, but at the same time he gets women to let him kiss them, passionately. And he can take your pants off.

    The particular evening I had invited a girl from my Psychology class to our apartment to work on a paper we had to write. She is one of those girls who you want to be with, and she shied away from me. She touched all my buttons. She was at our apartment when my boyfriend came in. He sat beside her, not me and started talking to her. Soon she was in deep conversation with him. He told me to get him something to drink, he was sitting with his arm resting on the back of her chair.

    I watched as he seduced her, he touched her hair, he touched her hand, she was grinning and laughing. He touched her cheek. She withdrew her face for a second but he kept touching her cheek and her chin and pulling her face towards him until he put a kiss on her lips. He told her she was beautiful and she just had that something that called for him to kiss her. He kissed her again, only this time it was a long drawn out kiss with his hand on her face.

    She looked at me embarrassed. I looked at her and told her she was beautiful and obviously he thought she was beautiful or he wouldn't have kissed her. I didn't move, I just stood there and watched, their conversation was now somewhat in whispers, she blushed, he touched her breast, held her breast and kissed her again. She tried to stand but his arm was on the back of her chair, he reassured her again and whispered to her again, this time very close to her ear. His hand was back on her breast, his hand fell into her lap, his other arm fell around her shoulders and he kissed her again. He stood up and he told her that she made him want to be with her as a woman.

    She sat there, totally flushed. She was embarrassed to look at me in the eyes. I told her to go ahead, be a woman because he wanted to be a man with her. Unsure as she was she let him walk her to the bedroom, I followed, she looked at me again and I said I wanted her to be a woman, to enjoy it. She didn't undress herself, so after taking off his clothes he undressed her, undid the bed and laid her down. I watched her and told her that she was going to get a treat, I generally didn't let girls share with me.

    She wasn't the first girl I watched my boyfriend put in bed, but she was the prettiest naked girl that he had put in bed. She is small woman, but perfectly proportioned, and she is beautiful, with a pretty face and smile. He used his hands on her, her breasts, her womanhood, her face, his face went onto her breasts to kiss her, and then he went down on her for a few moments, had her hold onto his erection and got on her and slowly made love to her, getting off from time to time to go down on her, and then resume his penetration. He has a way of thrusting that even just watching makes you want to participate, but I just watched until he completed himself and dismounted.

    His habit is to hold you tight after sex, he wants to feel your body against his and this evening it was the same, he held so she couldn't move. I went into the bathroom and ran the hot water and took a washcloth and got it good and hot and damp and went back to the bed and sat beside her. My Spanish girlfriend from my freshman year had taught me this, I helped her get on her back and told her to keep her hands on her sides and I washed her sex and then massaged her using the palm of my hand on her clitoris until she had an orgasm. After her orgasm I leaned down and kissed her mouth, to drink in from her all her warmth, her feeling.

    I picked up her clothes and gently folded them, taking care to fold very carefully her panties, laying her clothes on a chair with her panties on top. I went back and sat beside her on the bed. I fondled her breast, I kissed her mouth again, I smiled at her and told her that she was going to sleep in the middle so I could feel her beside me.

    Sometime in the night my boyfriend got up and went to sleep on the couch. I woke her up and took her to the bathroom and then back to bed. Pulling her into my arms we fell asleep until morning.

    I know that I have a deep need for a girlfriend. Someone to make love with and be with. I can be the girlfriend for my boyfriend, I like being his girlfriend. But I need a girlfriend for me. And that evening and that night I found my girlfriend. His want for her at times is bothersome, she lives with us and sleeps with me. She is my girlfriend, even if from time to time I let him be a man with her. But I am always there, I was there on that first evening, I am always there if he is going to have some time with her. She is my girlfriend. She wants to be my girlfriend. She has been my girlfriend from that evening in college.

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