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    Straight Male / 48

    Dear Grandchildren,

    I just want to mention that your grandmother and I want you to know that your generation did not invent, perfect or improve sex! It's been around for millennia, and will continue. While you believe that all of your dick pics, snapchats and sexting is the end all, it's not!

    You need to understand that your grandmother and I have done more than you can possibly imagine. She's flashed her tits at truckers while riding on the back of my motorcycle, she has been backstage and done an entire rock band in the early 70's. That mouth that kisses you so sweetly has sucked many a dick, and quite possibly mine just this morning! Yes, I've had my tongue in her ass as I've pushed 4 fingers into her pussy. I have photo proof of her being tied to the bed as I've cum on her.

    So, next time we come over and you and your date want to sneak away for a quickie, picture us as I fuck your grandma in the ass, maybe you'll spend a little more time with us.

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    Wonderful simply superb
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    Fan fucking tastic!!!
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    Well done!
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    You are right Grandpa. Your grand children are not the ones that invented sex. I've always known , in my long life, that ,"SOME FOLKS THINK THAT FUCKING IS A SIN, BUT LET'S GO BACK TO WHERE FUCKING BEGAN. ADAM FUCKED EVE AND MADE HER A MOTHER, AND ALL SINCE THEN WE'VE BEEN FUCKING EACH OTHER!"

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