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    I would say that I was around eleven when I first discovered that I liked masturbating. I started with the handle of a kitchen spoon. I gravitated over time to various objects, including the banana and a cucumber. I didn't know that you should use a condom over them and they were cold. I more or less discovered my clit by accident, but once I did I hurt myself because I didn't lubricate it. I could have just used my own juices, but I didn't know better. I also did anal insertions.

    On one occasion, when I was alone at my grandmother's house, I got up on the banister of her stairs and sat on the post which had a round ball on top. I got it in. I was lucky I was able to get off and not fall off. I used a baseball bat but it was too big. I used a bottle but I got scared. I used my fingers a lot. And I played with my clit.

    I used my dog's nose. He licked me a couple of times, but he ran away. I needed something real and that was the boy next door. He was thirteen and very self conscious. I lay back on my bed with my legs open and told him to stick it in. He didn't speak to me again for a long time, and we rode the bus to school together. I sucked him once, I grabbed and played with him, but he wouldn't get on again. I think I messed him up.

    Along came Joe. Joe was a the older son of our neighbors. He had been in the Army and was back and trying to get into college. Open legs didn't put him off. He was the real thing. And he came over for it all the time. He knew about it and mostly he came all over my stomach, back or face when we titty fucked. He also used condoms which he taught me to put on. I got real familiar with his penis and became a regular cock sucker.

    And then it stopped. I just lost interest in it. I let him, but that is what it was, letting him. All that fire in me had gone away.

    I look back on those couple of years and wonder what the purpose was of all that desire. I have never had that desire again, I want sex, but not like that. Reckless sex. If my neighbor hadn't been who he was I would have ended up knocked up. We had our share of those girls at school. I never criticized. I actually felt sorry for them and would be their friend. I came that close to being one of them.

    About the only thing left, kinky thing left, is I like to bury my head in the pillow and let my husband manage me from behind. It's not really doggy sex, it is like masturbation with a penis. I am thinking of things, daydreaming. Sometimes I have an orgasm, most of the time I don't. Feeling him have an orgasm is enough, it feels good to have him have an orgasm. I like to walk around with his sperm in me. That's my kinky thing.

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