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    Straight Male / 47

    I married my 3rd wife 18 months ago. She is sexy and 12 years younger than me. We met at a party and had sex on our first date. She had been married twice before also so I knew she had lots of guys before me. We never discussed cheating or such but we are both aware of what goes on in this open sex world.

    Four months ago I realized she was having sex with her boss who is black. Actually she was having sex with him long before we met. No, she did not tell me, but I did not ask either. I did know her boss was black. Her salary might have given me a clue because secretaries normally don't get paid that much.

    Well, how I found out was one day after work I was horny and wanted sex and I often go down on her before intercourse. Well, I went down on her and Oh my, she was soaking wet with his cum and she locked her legs over my shoulders so I could not pull up. I heard her say, Oh, yeah, baby, take it all. The taste was unmistakable although I had never really tasted it before. I don;t know why but somehow as she was saying, yeah, eat it baby, I was getting more and more aroused by the second. Suddenly, I had a huge climax and came all over the bed.

    She had a huge climax also and she let me up. She said, you liked that didn't you? I did not answer but I said, your boss did you, didn't he? She then told me that she had been having sex with him for over 2 years. She asked, does that bother you? I thought for a minute and finally said, no, not really but I kind of wished you had told me.

    Well, now it was out in the open. The next step was to bring him home! She told me she had invited him over and we would have some drinks, smoke a little grass and see what happens. The whole idea had me strangely aroused. I like him. He is in his late 30's, nice looking, well educated, married and a smart businessman. Well, as the evening progressed I watched as he felt my wife's boobs and kissed her in front of me. My wife had her hand in his crotch and soon she unzipped him revealing a very nice 8 " cock. I could not help staring at it. I was so high. My wife did not say anything but she pulled me down and guided my face into his crotch.

    As a totally straight man I was being talked into sucking his cock. And suck I did and he held my head so he would give me his load and I had to swallow it all. My wife was so pleased at what I did and told me she had wanted me to do that for a long time.

    Since that night we have had several more "parties" and of course it has taken my a lot further down the road to fagsville. This would never have been a choice for me but events and coaxing, along with natural arousal has delivered me to a world I truly enjoy.


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