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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    I drive by now and the laundromat is gone, along with Inga, the lady who owned the laundromat. She opened up for business when I was a junior in High School. That's easy to remember because I started Geometry that year and I found it simple and loved it. Inga was more than likely around 52 or so. I don't know how I know that but that stuck with me. She was stocky and her white hair had once been blonde. She had been married and had two grown daughters living in California. Inga, her late husband and two daughters had migrated to the U.S. when the USSR broke apart.

    I came into the laundromat once in a while because our household washer was on its last legs and mom loaded me up, gave me a bunch of quarters and sent me to the new laundromat. Inga spoke halting English but easily understood. She was friendly and loved to talk to me while my wash and dry was going. She kept the place spotless and sold detergent and other stuff from a little corner store that had been set up. Inga was no beauty but had a pleasant face, wore no makeup and had a great smile and all her own teeth, I noticed. She was stocky but shapely and I noticed her large, round ass many times.

    One day, she seemed warmer and friendlier and touched my arm and smiled a lot. She told me it was her birthday, so I hugged her and went to kiss her cheek. She turned her mouth to mine and I found myself with her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. When I tried to break the hug, I found she was holding me tightly. She kissed my neck and face and I started to get hot. In a moment she had become a new person in my eyes. She noticed my hard cock and went to the front door and turned around, the "Be back in an hour" sign.

    Within minutes I was in the supply room where Inga kept crates of the stuff she sold, a toilet, a tiny kitchen and a cot. She pulled my pants off and took my enlarged cock in her hand and began to impossibly try to swallow it whole. This was my first blow-job and in minutes I was fucking her, doggy style, my first ever fuck. She knew I had no experience since I told her I did not date anyone, mostly for want of money and I was only 16 at the time, albeit my cock was all nicely grown by then. She said for me so she could feel my pulsing, to leave my cock in while I came, which I did. Inga's vagina always got very wet and as I thrust my cock into her, thick as it was, air would be forced from her vagina and it made a farting sound that helped the erotic feeling of our fucking.

    After I came I kept fucking Inga because my cock did not get soft. She loved it and often I went long enough to feel her own orgasm come along. For the next two years, Inga, who was around 36 years my senior, became my lover-sex teacher and she taught me things I could never dream about. We did anal with condoms and did that, usually after I had come once or twice in her vagina and it was good. At first, we would meet to fuck almost daily and I began to bring potted plants given to me by one of my close friends whose family owned a large garden nursery in town. Soon, the laundromat looked like a little forest. I started inviting Inga to dinner at home on Sundays and my parents liked her a lot but did not have a clue nor dream that their teenage son was fucking the very devil out of that nice East European, aging laundry woman.

    In time, Inga shared all her secrets with me. She told me that after her husband died, she had made love to Anna, her youngest daughter whom she called, "My horny little one" and knew was bisexual. I began to dream of a three-way when Anna came East to visit. The idea was not originally mine but Inga's, who said she would love to see me fucking Anna "with my big cock." She even said that to me once and the thought drove me wild. As it turned out, Anna met and married a lawyer in California and bought a home with a large apartment over the garage for Inga. She closed out and sold the laundromat and when I saw her for the last time we both had tears in our eyes but it did not keep us from nearly fucking ourselves to death. She told me that she had so much sex with me that in the two years we did it, we had done it many more than she ever did with her late husband. Thinking about it today amazes me because Inga stayed right with me and I was in my mid-teens

    Two years ago, for my 25th birthday, I received a card with a photo from Inga in California. IN the photo was Inga with her daughter, Anna, both nude, in bed with big smiles. The card said, "Anna and me send our hottest love" but I know exactly what she meant. I estimate that Inga is now in her sixties and, chances are, I will never see her again. I get hot just driving by the old location of the laundromat, now a pizza place. However, I still correspond with both Inga and Anna.

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