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    Straight Female / 41

    I just had to get this off my chest. Until recently I was vastly inexperienced sexually, though a relatively happy mother and housewife. My husband and I have gotten into a boring obligatory weekly screw over the past few years and I don't think I recognized any frustration until a recent overnight trip for business. I had accompanied my boss to help complete the paperwork on a rather large acquisition. The deal looked pretty solid and we had to wait for the lawyers to draw up a final draft. We hadn't planned on staying overnight and when my boss made dinner plans I asked to talk privately with him. He just smiled and handed me his gold card. He told me to make myself look fabulous so in just under two hours and about three grand of his money I laid out my purchases on the bed. The makeup alone was five hundred dollars,thank god for the Galleria!

    I showered and shaved my legs. I trimmed my bush to look nice in my new black lace panties with a matching bra and garter belt. The tight little black dress just covered the tops of my stockings. The shoes were very sexy, strappy 4"pumps. I went heavy with my makeup and wore my hair up. When I looked in the mirror I thought what the hell was I thinking. I've always dressed and looked very conservative with little makeup. But I looked hot! I felt beautiful and sexy. I felt very vulnerable and a little scared. I knew where I could allow this night to go. It was totally up to me.

    My Boss Tom is around sixty, very handsome, always a gentleman. He is great to work for, but demanding. He is generous with his praise and pocketbook. He loves to reward success. A real family man and pillar of the community. Terry is the owner of the company we are buying, he is quite a character and kept us laughing at dinner. Afterwards Tom invited Terry and me to his suite for a nightcap. This was the moment.

    Once in the suite the intent became quite clear and my panties were already moist in anticipation. Tom kissed me gently on the cheek and with a gentle but firm hand urged me to my knees before him. His cock was already out staring me in the face. I froze for a moment with all types of fear and confusion in my mind, but mostly desire. I grasped his big hard cock and guided it to my lips. The initial shock of this is indelibly printed in my mind. What went on for the next few hours is all a blur. They fucked me and shoved their cocks in my mouth. When Terry got up to leave I walked him to the door on my way to the bathroom. What I saw in the mirror was astonishing. My makeup has badly run and there was cum all over me. I decided to jump in the shower and a few minutes later Tom joined me. I had never been fucked in the ass. It really hurt for a few minutes and I never really got into it, but Tom loved it. He pounded my ass and roared as he came deep in my ass. We bathed each other and after toweling off we jumped into bed to go to sleep.

    The next day the deal went through and we celebrated at lunch. Tom and Terry were perfect gentleman and the incident has not been mentioned since. It's been three weeks and my husband's average dick just isn't getting the job done. So, what now?

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    What now? Stop relating ludicrous fantasies for a start.
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    You are their executive fuck toy thats whats now. Make sure you are well compensated for your "services".
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    Keep helping your boss seal the deal.

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