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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Short story. I was eighteen driving to my first semester in college in the Appalachians. I had my grandmother's old Buick and It was full of clothes, tennis racket, guitar and other freshman junk. Along the way I stopped at a Denny's to eat. I sat alone in a booth.

    A man came over, he said he was driving through and saw that I was eating alone and maybe I needed company. He talked a lot and got me to talk a lot and talked about guys a lot. He told me about his worst hard on when he was in the Army. He told me that he used to get hard ons in school. That one day he and a friend had compared hard ons. He asked me if it was the same with me, if I ever had sword fight with a friend. He told me that all that talk was giving him a hard on.

    He got up and went to the bathroom and when he came back he told me to mover over and sat beside me. He talked to me with his mouth very close, he said that all that hard on talk made him feel like he needed some company. He put his hand on my leg and asked for the bill and he paid. While the waitress took the bill away he put his hand on my lap and asked me if I wanted to experience the best hard on of my life because he was ready.

    To say I was confused and I didn't know what to do is the least of it. We sat there for a while with his hand in my lap feeling me. I got a hard on while he was doing it. He asked me to unzip my pants so he could hold my naked dick. He told me that he wanted to give me the treat of my life, that he bet I had never had a real blow job. He put his arm around my shoulders and we got up and he walked out of the Denny's into the parking lot, he showed me his car and told me that we would come back for mine a bit later.

    Sitting in his car, he reached down and put his face in my lap and asked me if I lied that. He backed out and put the car in gear and held his hand in my lap and we drove to this motel an exit down. In the room he sat on the bed and lowered my pants and gave me a long blow job. He undressed and had me give him a blow job. We sucked each other and he got close to me and started to make love to me, kissing me and running his hands all over me, grabbing my dick now and then and rubbing his dick against me. He told me that I was the boy and he was the man and I knew what that meant.

    I sucked him hard. He used this Vaseline stuff on me and told me to lay on my back that he liked kissing when he fucked. I let him open my legs, he told me to hold on to my dick and he slipped his dick all the way in. When he was in he would lean over and kiss me, and stand back up and fuck me, and lean over and kiss me. All my dreams of fucking some girl in college and that afternoon I was the girl getting fucked in the motel room. After he finished he told me to get to the bathroom and wash myself, that was one of the problems with boy fucking, you always have to wash off afterwards. While I wiped myself he washed his dick in the sink. He told me to sit on the toilet and he washed his dick and gave it to me to suck to make sure he was clean. Then he told me to stand, he sat on the toilet and he told me to bend over, he washed my ass and then licked me for a while. He told me that there was nothing better than sucking a just fucked ass.

    An hour later he had taken me back to the Denny's and I got in my car and he wished me good luck in college and to remember, go both ways, its good to fuck a girl, but once in a while it is good to get ahold of hard on. I have never been successful at picking up a guy at a public place. Seems that the only place to get my hands on a hard on is to go down to this gay bar and grill and hang around and hope to get lucky. I am known there, and the guys know that I am looking for a fuck for the night. I don't know if I am lucky or they are lucky. But that is where I go when I need to suck on a hard on.

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