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    Straight Female / 42

    I dropped out of college after my freshman year and was living in this dump of a duplex. It was old and there were no washer and dryers, so laundry meant carrying my dirty clothes a couple of blocks to this dingy laundry room. It was dark and damp in the basement of this old building. I was working as a desk clerk in this motel. Life was at a low ebb.

    The day I got into trouble was late November before Thanksgiving, I went to the laundromat room late at night, around 12 because there would not be anyone there. I was alone, there was nowhere to sit while the clothes were being washed so I sat on the floor. The doorframe got dark and I looked up and there was a man standing there. He asked me for money. I didn't have any. He said if I didn't have any money then I had to give him pussy.

    He sat down in front of the door and told me to drop my pants and lean over the dryer. If I behaved it wouldn't hurt. I held on tight and felt him come up behind me and stick his dick in me start fucking. He asked me my name while he fucked me. He told me he knew where I lived. He said to call him Joe and that he always wanted some college pussy. He apologized for not being able to finish and he kept on fucking. He said he was going to have to fuck me hard. He leaned down on me and fucked me real hard and then he finished.

    He asked me if I liked it. He stood there with his pants down and told me he hadn't had a blow job in a long time and if I would suck him. Right then, when I turned to get on my knees and suck him I felt cold. I sucked him for a while, he didn't get very hard and he apologized again. He said that he used to get really hard and he wanted to get really hard and fuck my face. I kept on sucking him until he told me that if I couldn't get him to get off then I should stop.

    He stayed with me while I changed my clothes from the washer to the dryer and walked back with me to my duplex. He asked me if had any food. In the light of the kitchen he looked old, he was filthy, I fixed him some soup and a sandwich. When he left he asked if I liked the fucking, he always wanted a girl to tell him that he fucked real good.

    I told him the truth, I liked it when he fucked me real hard and that I didn't like it when he couldn't cum.

    Joe, if that was his name left and I never saw him again. I laid in bed that night, still full of him. I lay on my back and put the pillow under my hips so that the sperm would not come out. Of course a lot had come out, it was all in my panties. I fell asleep and dreamed of his sperm. I dreamed that his sperm had found my egg and had to fuck real hard to get in. I dreamed the animation that we saw in health class.

    I didn't wash myself out for several weeks. I was very careful not wash myself out. My time came and went and I dreamed about his sperm. I started to believe that I had gotten knocked up. My period didn't come and then one day I had this terrible pain and I miscarried. I know that it was best, being pregnant at nineteen from a homeless guy was stupid. But I felt really bad, I had spent the Holidays with my secret and now it was gone.

    I tried going back to school but I never made it. I moved to Dallas and got a job working for American Airlines as a reservations agent.

    I was back in Kansas City and went to see the old place and the laundromat is still there, in the basement. It is still a dark place. I wonder how many other girls or guys had sex in there. I imagine quite a few. In the winter it was warmer than the outside.

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