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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Three weeks ago I'm sat on the balcony of our apartment in Greece. My fiancee is asleep in bed and I'm just watching a young Greek guy kissing his latest tourist slut. He breaks off from her, tells her he'll see her the following night (Maybe) and looks directly up at me. She walks away smiling to herself, and you just know she's got a pussy full of his semen.
    He walks over to the flowered hedge in front of our balcony, asks me if I'm busy, then tells me as I shrug my shoulders, he prefers to be fucked.
    I'd never met him before as far as I knew, we'd not passed glances or comments and I've never told anyone about my time in college.
    He smiles up at me, tells me I want him and then tells me he'll wait at the apartment entrance for the next ten minutes, whilst he smokes.
    Sitting there thinking if I should go back to my old ways, I tell myself I'm engaged. That's when it hits me. In August this year, I'll be married and I know then I'll probably never fuck another guys arsehole.
    He's casually stood leaning against the rail as I approach. He knows why I'm there and so do I. Leading me into a small field on the opposite side of the road, he enters and old block building which hasn't been used for it's intended purpose for a long time.
    Turning around he drops his shorts and reveals he's got no underwear on. Stepping upto me, he kisses me and I return the kiss. Holding him now, I kiss him harder and grip his firm bronzed butt cheeks. He reaches down and lowers my shorts and boxers. My cock is already fully erect and I'm so horny for this lad.
    In a split second he stops kissing me and drops down. My cock is in his mouth and he's already taking every inch down his throat. It feels wonderful and just how I remember my last boyfriend in college sucking on my cock.
    I don't remeber now how long he sucked on my dick, but it seemed like forever as he took me close to orgasm a few times, before letting me and my cock relax.
    Standing up as if he's done this lots of times before, He reaches for his shorts, takes out a condom, unfurls it along my cock and then tells me to rim him.
    I loved rimming guys arseholes when I was in my teens. It always always got my cock raging and ready to fuck them. So tasting his musky scent from his rear, I went for it and gave that young man one hell of an anal tonguing. By the time I rose up, my dick was aching for sex and he knew it.
    Holding onto a low wooden plinth, he turns to me and says "I like it bang bang". Grinning back at me he adds "Fuck me hard".
    My dick is up his shitbox in no time, and I'm thrusting away at his arsehole as if we've always fucked. It had been so long and I'd almost forgotten how fantastic it feels to be deep inside another guys backside. He's moaning and pushing back, so I renew my efforts and fuck him harder, which in turn makes him cry out his enjoyment.
    We fuck like that for some time before he moves off my dick and walks casually outside.
    Laying himself on an old piece of plastic sheeting, he puts his legs over his head almost and offers up his hole. It's too much of a good looking fuck hole to miss out on, so ignoring the fact people walking past could see us, I plunge my cock deep inside his arsehole again and don't stop.
    I fucked him like I'd never ever fucked anyone before. Maybe it was the thought of people seeing us, or just how sexy he was, I don't know. What I do know is I went for it and fucked that young Greek boy mercilessly.
    When his cock erupted all over us both, it set off a chain of things. Firstly my own orgasm rose, and then as I came deep up his arse filling the condom, I heard someone close by saying something in Greek.
    Looking round I saw another young guy watching us and tossing himself off. There was cum all over his fingers and his smile couldn't have been wider.
    Ten minutes later I was sat back on the balcony with my drink, and I could not have been happier. The young Greek boy had told me if I wanted to, I could fuck them both. His friend who had watched us, was quiet up until his friend mentioned being fucked. Only then did he say in perfect English "My arse is much tighter".
    Unfortunat ely I didn't get to fuck either of them again during the holiday. I did however get to have my cock blown by the same young man in the toilets of our apartments, as my future wife sunbathed by the pool.
    I know I've already said it's the last time I'll get to fuck a young guys arsehole after I marry. However my future wife has just told me, hence the confession, that she'd love to have our honeymoon at the same place. She changed our booking this morning to the ame place and were going to be there in August.
    Now I just hope he's still wanting an older guys cock deep up his arsehole when we get there. Who knows?.

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