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    Straight Female / 31

    My husband and I had a kind of wager on vacation. He said we should see who could have sex with more people. He with his muscled body and nine inch cock, or me with my looks and slim athletic body.
    He actually won, fucking five different women. I had sex with four men, but had sex with one especially eight separate times. It was a fun time and one we've wanted to do for a while.
    Back home, nothing like it happens, or so my husband thinks. In reality I've continued to have sex with the man who I had sex with on vacation eight times.
    He's exactly what my husband isn't. A teenager (19), geeky looking and slim. Yet his cock is massive and he can fuck all night long.
    When my husband drives his truck state to state and stays overnight, I invariably have my young lover around and he more than keeps my mouth, pussy and asshole fed with his enormous cock. I know my husband isn't getting any on the side, as he always raring to fuck when he gets back. And he's not usually like that unless like on vacation he takes Viagra.
    It's cheating I know, but I can't give up my young fuck dude now, I just can't.

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    Once a woman gets outside the marriage cock, its impossible to shut it back off...
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    Don't be so sure about your husband not getting it when he goes away from home. Truckers can get it wherever and whenever they want, as much as they want, especially if they are fit with nine inches to use. Never had as much sex as I did when I was out on the road. The dollies look for it and can sense it. Your husband is raring to fuck when he gets back because he's been practicing for you while he's been away.

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