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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    In the old days there weren't any computers or video games and the air conditioning was pretty bad so during the summer we played outside. The afternoon that I got experience was hot. My buddy and I found this heavy tree with lots of shade and we sat under the tree. Who started the conversation I don't remember, but the conversation dealt with touching each other and sucking each other. He had his cock out and I sucked it. I liked it so I sucked him some more. He got really hard and I sucked him for a good long while. He gave me a short suck, so mostly it was me sucking him.

    When we got home I wanted to suck him some more so we went into the bathroom. He got really hard again and I sucked him for a long time. We agreed that he would rub my ass with his cock and I took my pants down and leaned over the sink and he poked his cock around my asshole. It really felt good, I really wanted him to penetrate me but we didn't do it. I went back to sucking him and this time he let his load go. I sucked his cock as it got soft.

    Two days later I wanted him to put his cock in my ass and I lay down on the bed and he got on my back and we pushed and poked until he got it in. I remember telling him how good it felt when he got it in, although he didn't have much of it in. It took a while for him to get it all the way in, and every little millimeter felt good. We agreed that I was the queer of the two of us because I liked to suck and I liked it when he fucked me.

    We practiced and practiced. I sucked him all summer long and we got to the point where he would drop his load almost every time. We also practiced fucking. We didn't do it in the house anymore. We found this old pump house down by the reservoir and we would go fuck behind there.

    I loved that summer. I remember the summer and our fuck buddy friendship. He is a big time cop now, and I spent my career as a bookkeeper. From time to time we run into each other at some town affair or a funeral. We both have families with grandkids and our exploits when we were kids are nothing but memories. There such good memories.

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