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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    I was sixteen and my sister fourteen when we were invited to a friend's lake house. We went swimming and when we got out, all three of us, my sister, my friend and I put our shirts on without bras. It felt so good to walk around like that, it was just the three of so we played with out nipples to make them hard and stand out under our shirts.

    Some friends of her family showed up and we were told to go and make friends with their boy. He was around fourteen, we were still walking around without bras, we got him in the den and asked him which one of us had better tits. We held our tits in our hands pushing them up to make cleavage, pulled our shirts tight around our tits and we pinched each other's nipples to make them stand out. He got hard and he couldn't hide it from us and we kidded him. We asked him which one of us he wanted to fuck.

    He chose my sister first who was closer to his age so we got her pants down and had her bend over and told him to fuck her. He got his cock out and fucked her. When he finished my friend sucked him. Things got pretty nasty, we took our shirts off and had him play with our tits. We sucked him got on him and got his cock in us. We also kissed him and pulled his head into our tits.

    Several days later my friend called me and told me that we had a big problem. He had told his father about what we did. All three of us had fucked with him but he only came in my sister. All three of us had sucked him and all three of us had kissed him and had him kiss our tits. Our friend got in trouble first because that is who was called. After she got in trouble her parents called our parents and we got in trouble.

    My mother kept asking my sister and me how we could do what we did. We never answered her, we didn't know why we did what we did, we just did it. We didn't mean anything against him, he was just there. Long story short my sister and I were grounded for a month. We were given some talks about being perverts and we were given some talks about birth control. We were also told to wait until we were a lot older, it felt good to have sex with a boy, but we were not old enough. Our friend pretty much got the same punishment and lectures. Our parents had gotten together and decided what they would do.

    The boy though got in the most trouble. His parents were a lot stricter and he was grounded and he was made to apologize to us. We sat, all three of us, on the sofa while he had to stand there and apologize to us for not being able to control himself and hoped we would forgive him. It was all so stupid. We had a hard time not laughing when he was apologizing to us. Only my mother's stare kept us from busting out laughing.

    My sister and I slept without bras and we played with our tits at night pinching our nipples, rubbing and squeezing our tits. We had twin beds and we lay on our backs with our tits out while we pinched our nipples and laughed. We pretended to open our legs and made noises while we pretended to have a boy with us. We pretended to be sucking a boy and talked about what we wanted to do now that we had experience.

    In any event we survived those years and went on to grown up fun. But when we get together with our friend, our cohort in crime, we talk about that afternoon at the lake house. And that poor boy who we are sure we ruined for life. We don't know what became of him, his parents moved the following year and he is just part of the story.

    Those were the days,

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