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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 47

    When I hit puberty I exploded. I went from being a slender flat chested girl to being a too tall, too buxom, too hippy girl. I was 13 and I looked like I was 25. I grew four inches to five eight, I gained 30 pounds to 145, I had large bust, 36 D, and my hips had exploded and I had to wear size 12 pants. All the while I had these small friends, still budding slightly, a couple with barely any pubic hair while I was totally covered with thick black pubes. It was like I went from twelve to twenty five in one year. Men started to look at me.

    A maintenance man at school would follow me around. He exposed himself to me several times. He would ask me in Spanish if I liked it and he would tell me that he wanted to have sex with me. I let him one day after choir practice, I let him take me into one of the maintenance rooms and undress me and have sex with me. I had never felt so desired as I did that afternoon. He woke me up. He was my first lover. We did it a whole lot of times in that maintenance room. And we enjoyed it every time.

    I discovered that men really liked a girl like me, and from then on I used my body, my boobs and my hips to my advantage. On one occasion, I was working as a Marketing Rep for a specialty tool company. I called on this executive we were trying to get to buy our product. I saw him look, he looked. I closed his door and asked him what it was going to take. I sat on his desk and leaned over and told him it was all his, he could have it all if he signed the purchase order. That was my first sale pressing my advantage.

    In my mid thirties I met a man who wanted more than just sex, he wanted me to settle down with him. If I did I was sure to lose a lot of my customers. I had to turn him down. There were just too many sales that I would have had to give up if I lived with him. I was forty before I agreed to live with a man.

    I am a 57 year old woman, and I can still turn heads. I sell real estate now in an upscale community geared towards wealthy retirees. I have seduced several husbands and more than one banker. I am currently dating a widowed medical doctor. He is into hot tubs and naked dining. And I am into men with money who can treat me nice. What caused me to hate myself as a teen has been my ticket to a very well compensated life.

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