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    Straight Female / 45

    Jealousy and seeking revenge seems to be only a human emotion for the ones who are but not for others who are the victims of it. but it is natural to want to revenge and be jealous of others or yourself even. it is very natural to be envious of others who destroy and ruin life out of their jealousy and feel betrayed. its very hard to not feel victim and act like all is normal when a mental case as come in ransacked your home and made life hell with fights and abuse day in and day out for 40 years and then walks away like I don't want to know you and the past doesn't count.

    my sister in a mental hospital after every marriage bed made from lies and then she turns on me and assaults me physically and harms her whole family frauding us then yells profanities at you like she is demon possessed.

    Sure, I would love to make her jealous of me for once and see me married to some hotsome and me looking lovely. She never did hang around for any special day of mine when I had to dress up and she had to play the low key role but looking forward to it one day seeing she stopped me from having children she needs to wake up to what she has done and stop abusing our mother with threats all the time and ransacking the house.

    oh, she allowed to be jealous and envious but no one else is allowed to be. she revenge and attack but we all supposed to act like "its ok, no big deal, this all normal".

    what hell world we living in?

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    Better for your well being and health if you respond to conflict
    with understanding and kindness. Be generous and calm.

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