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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was 14 some older boys who were in a neighborhood arcade, had a whole box of baseball cards that I was into. There were 4 guys about 18-20, and the owner who was a man in his 50s. The boys went and locked the door, turned the closed sign over, and said I could have all the cards in the box if I took off my pants and bent over a table and let them each play with me. Not sure what they meant, I asked for the box first, and looking into it saw what I wanted. I pulled down my pants and the older one pulled down my underpants and bent me over the table.

    Two of the boys rubbed their dicks off in my ass crack and shot off all over my back and butt cheeks. The next boy was reaching around and playing with my dick and jacked me off. He used my own sperm to lube my butt, and I think some of the other boys sperm. He pushed into me and making very short, small strokes, pulled out and pushed me down and came on my lips, finishing himself with his hand. The next boy held me down on my knees and took my mouth till he shot down my throat. I started to pull up my pants as they'd all had their turn, I was going to take my box and go home. The old man who owned the place, roughly positioned me back over the table, and speared my ass with a huge cock. This was a full fledged fucking. He was laughing and grunting with every thrust, making comments about how sexy my boipussy was and how I was so much sexier than his wife to fuck. Then he shot his load up my young ass. With that the first two boys lined up and all four of them took another turn, all ending by cumming in my ass. Finally as I was ready to leave, the owner ripped off my white undies, and used it to wipe up the cum on my ass, back and face. I pulled up my pants and went home with my box of cards.

    After that the owner of the place would ask me to come in a few times, offering me free play, and he would turn the closed sign over and I'd bend over while he fucked me. I started sucking him too. I got all the free play, a couple of the other boys grabbed me in an alley and fucked me a couple of times. When the old man told me I had to entertain some of his friends, I was offered money for fucking and sucking. I took him and all his friends up on it, and by 15 I was getting a few hundred dollars a week as a suck and fuck toy for these older men. Sometimes the younger boys who were older and much bigger and tougher than I, would force me to suck or fuck them too, usually in an abandoned house or behind some bushes in the park. They didn't pay they just fucked me.

    I now live in my college city, and have started working for an agency where I get top dollar. I'm a top, a bottom, a crossdresser, I do women, men, and let them do whatever they want to me.

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