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    Straight Male / 51

    I suppose I'm just a bad person. I'm married to a wife I really love and we have a teenage daughter. However I also have a mistress who is 24 years old, so 47 years younger than me. I seduced her when she was a 21 year old virgin. She used to work for me, so I would fuck her at home while my wife was working or shopping, but she left to go to college and then to work. After a while she was made redundant, and a friend lets me use his house to fuck her. I seem unable to stop as the sex with her is so good. Recently my friend had someone staying in his house, so I sneaked my mistress into my house again, locked the bedroom doors and drew the curtains, and fucked her in our marital bed. She even put her cute little ass on the pillow that my wife lays her head on to sleep. I wasn't sure if she'd have reservations about this, but judging by her appreciative moans and gasps and the radiant smile she gave me after I pulled out of her she found it stimulating if anything. I've betrayed my loving wife and turned a good little girl into a naughty one.

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    I really shouldn’t ‘assume’ but I can’t help it. Another one sadly failed by the US education system. My goodness, this is what the rest of the world is up against
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    Wrong assumption. I'm not from the US.
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    That'll be 27 years younger than you. if it was 47, she'd be only 4 Doh!!!
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    No, for some reason the maximum age this site posts is 51. That's why I told me age in the post - no matter what you actually put over 51 the site changes it to 51.

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