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    Straight Female / 34

    Im a married woman and im the receptionist at a warehouse.theres only one othwr female that works here.shes a butch lesbian and she has been trying to convince me to let her fuck me for months now.she tells me in front of the guys how shell lick my pussy better than any man ever has. And she wants me to show her my titties. Ive got huge titties.she asks me how big my nipples are and what i like my nipples sucked on or played with.she wants to fuck me with her 10 inch strapon. I have to admit that ive been masterbating thinking about some of the things she described.
    The thing is, ive been sucking my bosses cock for a few months now. I love giving blow jobs.and he has a nice thick long cock with a big suckable head on it. He has me on my knees everyday, sometimes twice a day. Im getting paid to suck his dick. I dont want anyone to know that i blow my boss everyday,especially my husband.
    My boss has been recording me sucking his cock.He has me do him with my top off so he can see my big titties bouncingas i bob my head. I just found out that all my coworkers have seen the videos of me sucking dick. Im being blackmailed by the lesbian.she will show my husband if i dont do everything she wants.
    Today at lunch,in the warehouse she made me take off my clothes and spread my legs wide and she ate my pussy while she fucked my asshole with her front of everyone. I came loudly twice on her tounge .then she fucked Me so Hard doggystyle with that huge strapon. All the men were saying ,look at her,shes loving that thing inside her.look at those tits.fuck her! Make her take all of it.she fuckin wants it.
    I cried when i everyone has video of going to have to let them all fuck me.

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    The drivel here is getting worse!! Catch up wit your imagination, write like an adult not a dreamy 10 year old who spent too much time on adult websites!! Jeez, is this lot seriously what the US has to offer??
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    Your fiction effort is o.k. but keep working on it.

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