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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    In my Freshmen Year of high school, I was a very horny kid. Everyday, I would rub my dick through my pants until I came. One day in math class, we were in groups working on a packet. Across from me sat a girl with some very nice cleavage. So I went to start rubbing my dick when I got the idea of doing something much riskier.
    I stealthily unbutton my shorts and unzipped my fly. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, as I often do, so I was easily able to pull my dick out. The desk covered what I was doing, but if anyone could see under the desk they would have no problem spotting my 7 inch erect cock standing straight up.
    I used my left hand to stroke my dick while I used my right hand to continue writing. I would catch a glimpse of the girl's beautiful smooth tits every minute or so, each time moving closer to climax. I slowly stroked hard dick, starting at the base and then up to message the head. I could feel the pre-cum on my hand.
    As I was about to cum, I look directly into the girls tits. As I was looking, I shot my load all over my hand, dick, and exposed pubes. The feeling of pleasure was extraordinary.
    Now I had to clean myself up. Luckily I had a pack of tissues in my bag, so I was able to wipe the cum off my crotch and hand without anyone noticing. I pushed my dick back into my shorts and zipped them up, and walk out of that class as if nothing had happened.

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    Yeah, I've only rubbed it during some science classes because the tables made concealment a breeze depending on where you sat. I rarely came though. I just enjoyed the feeling of discretely rubbing my bulge, and I'd end up cumming by accident. Sometimes, it just crept on me, haha. I have seen a lot of drip stains on the cabinet door below the table. I don't know if it was truly cum, but I don't see how such stains could happen otherwise. If so, that student was bold. Good story, man.
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    I came by accident in in health class during health class when it was the sex talk week. The woman was going on and on about penis, vagina, pubic hair, even masturbation. I was so hard and horny. Luckily my mom bought me only tighty whites because I had to contain my erection! I rubbed it through my pants and out of no where came! I cummed a big load in my briefs, I was shocked. I looked around and no one noticed! Bad thing was I had to wear those crummy briefs for 3 hours till school got out. When I got home my mom was ready to go to the store but I said I need to change my underwear first. She noticed all the cum in them when I put them in the laundry hamper! She knew what happened, embarrassing! I was in the 8th grade

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