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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Back in college I met and dated Ted, a real dreamboat of a guy. We started sex almost on the first date but by our third date we were already roaming around for a place to park and sex it up. We thought of my dorm room and knew we could sneak him in but I had a roommate, Nancy, an outed lesbian, who hardly ever left our room in the evenings. Nancy was plain looking, masculine leaning, beyond being androgynous, she walked and talked like a boy.

    After Ted and I had been together for a couple of months he blurted out, "We must get a place to fuck, this dark street a and parking lot deal is not working for me." I agreed, so I finally told Nancy that we needed to have the room once in a while. Nancy said she understood and wanted to think about it. A few days later she said she would let us have the room and go to the library in the dorm if she could have me. There was some bewildering conversation and Nancy said she yearned for me from day one, so that's where she's at.

    I told Ted about it and the bottom line was that he wanted me in a bed, so if he could watch us he would be less jealous and not have his imagination go wild on him. In the end, Nancy wanted me so much that she said, "The whole fucking college can watch as long as I can eat you out." It ended up with my allowing Nancy access to my body so that Ted and I could fuck.

    What eventually happened was completely unexpected. Nancy, who was also a Tom-buy in bed, loved tribbing me, that is rubbing our clits together, while completely in charge. As top-man, this began to cause Ted to have major boners. In time, he began to take his thick cock out and stroke it while watching Nancy doing me. Nancy would see this while she was fucking me in some way. Then she started to watch, with our permission, Ted fucking me. At some point Nancy shockingly said, "I want to try that." Although she never thought of it before, although my Ted was her first cock, she took Ted on like an old whore. She had done many dildos and strap-ons before that but I could see that she was really enjoying his cock, so much so that I felt pangs of jealousy. She rode Ted like a rodeo champion.

    In time, we had fantastic threesomes and Nancy came to realize she was more of a bisexual woman than lesbian. The best part of it, we bonded with her and liked her a lot, even outside of our bedroom.

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