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    Straight Male / 29

    I was on a business trip with my boss who is a woman. On our last night we are down at the hotel pool. It was about an hour before the pool would be closing so it was just us two down there. My boss said she was going to get changed and go back to her room. She went into the woman's change room and I went into the men's. I was about to start getting changed when I wanted to know what time we should meet in the morning to make our way home. I went to the door of the women's change room and started calling to her. I never heard a reply and called louder and still heard no reply. I figured she must have gotten changed really quickly and had already gone back to her room. I poked my head into the change room and saw no one in the change area so I figured she had actually left. The woman's change room looked better than than men's and I decided since no women were around I would have a quick look around. In the change rooms were saunas. The door on the sauna had a window and looking into it I see my boss laying naked on her back with a towel over her head. She was facing me and her legs were spread. With the light coming through the window of the door it made it light enough for me to get a very good look at her breasts and pussy. She is ten years older than me but had a fantastic body. I should not have been in there and seen her this way but I had. I looked a little longer before I went back to the men's change room. I got naked, went to the showers and stroked myself thinking about what I just saw. I wondered what she would have thought if she walked in on me now and saw me doing what I was doing. I finished, got dressed, went back to my room and had a real good sleep.

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