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    Straight Male / 37

    It all started with a phone call to a chat line. I had never cheated on my wife before. We have been married 15 yrs out of college and have been so busy raising our 3 kids that life had just been passing by. We have sex at least twice a week but I had always wondered what being in bed with another woman was like. Coming from a very conservative background my only other time I had even came close to fucking someone else was in high school but with the fear of pregnancy scared me so it didn't happen. Now here I was talking to a divorced woman 29 mother of three I will call Andrea. Unlike many I have talked to Andrea only lived 24 miles away. She was as horny as I was and invited me over the next day after her kids went to school. I work for myself and my wife is a school teacher so I'm free most days. I told her I would. The next day couldn't come fast enough. I married a very beautiful girl with long blonde hair cute eyes and not so good in bed. So it wasn't looks I wanted, I wanted someone who knew how to use there pussy to please her man. When I arrived she open the door and found yes another blonde with blue eyes but she was short somewhat heavy and not so pretty but had a BIG smile as I walked in. As we talked a little I sat on her couch and she just came up and sat on my legs looking at me as we started to kiss. It was like WOW totally different than my wife and her perfume caught me as I started to kiss her neck. She moaned a little and was soon lifting her shirt and bra so I could suck her nipples. They were very beautiful and they loved my attention. She stood up and lead me to her bedroom where I say a queen size waterbed. We took off the rest of our clothes and as she laid down I saw my first shaved pussy in my life. I got down and started licking her pussy and tasting her as she moaned calling me her man. Than we switched and she sucked my dick like my wife never did, all I can say is it was WOW. Than she came up sitting on my dick and asked if I wanted her and I said YES!!! As she put me in she said this was her dick now and wow it felt so tight and good. We fucked and slept and fucked that day. We fucked many times over the next few month's than Andrea found a boyfriend and we called it quits. My wife never found out and I hope someday I will find another Andrea somewhere

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