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    Lesbian Female / 27

    As a freshman in college I joined an on campus group that provided tutoring to high school students. The lead was a another freshman girl and she and I became friends. One day after our meeting we went to get a cup of coffee. We were standing at a corner waiting to cross and she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned to her, but the light changed and she took my hand and we walked across the street. On the other side she put her arm around my waist and said something like she just loved being with me. The moment was there and she turned into me and I put my arms around her and we hugged real tight and she asked for a kiss.

    I had never kissed anyone, and standing there on a street corner kissing a girl on the mouth and she was asking me if I loved her. She asked for another kiss and told me she loved me and wanted me to tell her I loved her. She wouldn't budge, her arms around my waist telling me speak slowly and tell her I loved and to kiss her between each word. All in all we must have kissed ten times before we walked on, me with my arm around her shoulder and she with her arm around my waist. This is how our affair started.

    Once the topic was out there she wanted to tell me everything, how she felt, how she knew when she saw me that I was the one for her, how she felt at night wanting me to be with her. And she hung on to me, kissing my cheek, my mouth. She asked me to tell her over and over again that I loved her. That night she came to my apartment and we slept together and we figuratively gave our virginities to each other. First with our fingers and then with our tongues. In the morning I was still not sure what had happened, she was sleeping with me and we were naked, we had made love, we had oral sex, we had used our fingers to get in as deep as we could. And now she was asleep naked with me in bed.

    When I got back from the bathroom she was awake, she opened her legs completely and asked me to kiss her there. She said she wanted a morning kiss, to go ahead and kiss her. I leaned down and kissed her, she was already wet and the next thing I knew I was digging into her with my tongue. Our affair had just started, we had a hunger that did not go away and we spent a whole lot of time making out and having sex. I lived in an apartment and she lived in a dorm so most of what we did was in my apartment. She spent the night with me a whole lot. What I remember of that semester was the unending sex. We made out in public, in private, on campus and off campus. We had people tell us to take inside, people cuss us because we were lesbians.

    I am telling this story because this is what happened to us. We were both girls from small towns. We both went away to college fully expecting to meet some guy and come home and get married. Instead we found out that we were not dating material for guys. We were crazy stupid girls that first year, and it took a full year before we more or less settled down into a day in and day out relationship. I won't lie to you, being a girl in a lesbian relationship has a whole lot of challenges. Not the least of which is ourselves, we struggle a lot on who is who. We are just too much alike so our lives is a blend, there is no black and white. We could use some more distinction, more black and white, we are two peas in a pod, more suited to being sisters than a couple.

    But don't ask us to sleep apart.

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