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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    As a youth during puberty I did yard work for widows in my neighborhood. Two particular widows lived on the same street as me and I worked for them quite often. They paid me very well and I had the benefit of seeing them. Both of them were always dressed so nice and smelled really good. One was skinny and the other was chunky. I thought each of them was attractive. The skinny lady had legs like a dancer and was obviously proud to let them be seen during the summer. I was surprised and glad that a woman her age showed off her legs. The chunky lady showed me how much I like a woman with curves. I never could decide if I liked her big, round butt more than her large breasts. I made every effort to check her out as much as I could without getting caught. I've wondered over the years how things might have changed if she did catch me. If they only knew how many times I fantasized about them while I masturbatekd.

    To this day I think some older women have a lot of sex appeal. Just because a woman is over sixty doesn't mean she can't be sexy. More than a few ladies at church prove that's not true.

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