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    Not content to hang around I convinced my girlfriend that we should save and have a trip to Africa. A picture Safari. We left and met up with a group in Nairobi. We were the only single people, that is we were the only not male female couple. My girlfriend was 36 at the time and I was 32. We are both wholesome looking American Mid West women, not too small, not too tall, blonde and blue eyed.

    Along with us on our trip was a couple. They were wealthy from South America. It was the man. He was very aggressive and he put us in along with his sister who was traveling with him as needing his manly services, protecting us. We were put into his vehicle every day and every day we had dinner together. Everything was going wrong. His advances apparently went over the head of his sister. My girlfriend was furious with his constant attention for me, and his touching, grabbing, groping, staring. He ran his hand up between my legs on one occasion, cupping and holding on to my vulva. I was able only to touch his hand and let him feel me up. On that trip he sat my girlfriend and his sister side by side in the jeep and he sat me beside him.

    He was a master photographer. He saw things I never saw, he showed me the pictures as he took them. He started grabbing my face to point my eyes in the direction he wanted me to see. Back at camp, we had a predinner drink get together with all the other guests on our Safari. He pulled me into the dark around the campfire and put his arms under mine and cupped my breasts and as I pushed his hand away he dropped it and put it between my legs, as I took his hand away from my vulva he cupped my breast. His kiss caught me by surprise. I languished in his arms as he kissed me. He took me by my hand and walked me back to my tent and made love to me. I couldn't resist or say no or do anything other than let him have his way.

    We arrived late to dinner but got served. His sister and my girlfriend had to talk. I wasn't so much embarrassed as overcome. I held onto his hand, even at the table, I listened to everything he said. Every word was magic to me. I went over his pictures with him and asked him to please show me the next day what he saw. From that night on I sat beside him every time.

    Our holiday was six nights in two camps. He made love to me one more time. The second time I was more prepared and made love back to him. I swore myself to him. I asked him why his sister wasn't interfering. He told me that his sister wanted him to meet new women. I wasn't the first, I wasn't the only one. Somehow I knew that if he wanted to make love to me while his sister was in the room she would standby and watch. My girlfriend dropped me, and she left early. I stayed and finished my holiday with them. He bought me tickets back with him via Paris and I spent the proverbial Spring Holiday with them.

    Unlike his other conquests, I brought back a pregnancy from Africa. I imagine that I was as fertile as fertile could be, out there in the wild. I loved my pregnancy. I loved having a child of my own. I sold my belongings and moved to be with him. The baby made all the difference, and that I was not a ship that kept sailing. I moved my life to be with him. Living close to him, married he had me have two more kids. I teach English and Social Studies at the local American School. It is not my profession being a teacher, but I love what I do. My kids are half and half, one foot in and one foot out. I am not alone, a whole lot of other kids at the school I teach are half and half.

    My daughter got my blond hair and clear eyes, but his tone. My number one son is all his son. My son is gregarious, a lady's man although he is just thirteen. My other boy is just four, time will tell. I fell in love in Africa. Fell hard. Tall, dark and handsome and his favorite women are blonde and blue eyed. In Africa I was blonde and blue eyed. He couldn't help but notice me. A couple of times his sister told me that I had him by the horns and not to let him go. Dominalo, she says. Show him that now he had a woman who would make him stay home.

    I travel with him, in the summers, he likes to travel. Sometimes his sister comes along, sometimes we go alone. I really need his sister too help look after my kids. I hope she doesn't tell them how he slipped me away to a tent before dinner. We weren't married then and my kids see me as never having had another life.

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    I just don't understand women who allow strange men to grope them, where I'm from you'd probably get a punch in the face and a lawsuit filed against you.

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