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    Straight Male / 26

    Came home yesterday for Memorial Day weekend to visit my mom. No biggie right, just seeing family. I never pack cloths because I have a bunch at home still so my mom just gives them a fresh wash prior to me coming.

    I always forget she has me stocked up on tighty whities but since itâs just weekend or sometimes a single week visit I just wear them. Isnât like no one else is gonna see them. Of course my mom has opinions on underwear and sheâs always preferred briefs.

    Well where this gets embarrassing is I was on this website last night after I showered, sitting at the desk in my room in my tighty whities hard as ever! I was leaned back in my chair, pulled my hard on and balls out the fly to masturbate.

    And my mom walks in. All she said was put your penis back in your briefs,your not a teen anymore you donât need to masturbate every chance you get! Meanwhile Iâm standing there hard sticking out of my briefs an I told her it has to go flaccid before a guy can get it back though the fly! So she said well hurry up and ave an orgasm, clean up and get dressed so we can go to the store.

    After she left I had a big orgasm. That is the first time I had gotten caught since I was 14. When I came out all dressed she asked if I got everything out of my system. Way embarrassing questioning! She asked if my briefs fitted fine still and if I changed them afte masturbating. I told her they fit as briefs should and no I didnât get anything on them so why change them.

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    She wanted your cock!

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