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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I just spent the day naked ,tied to a chair with my rubber tube strapped to my dick.The rubber tube fit very tightly and had a smaller tube that ran to an electric pump that had a tube running from it that connected to the ball gag she had strapped securely in my mouth.Finally a clamp placed on my nose made it so the only way that I could breath was through my mouth.It was set up so when I have to piss it turns the pump on and pumps it through the ball gag and into my mouth .I can either hold my piss in my mouth but if I want to breathe I am forced to swallow it . Before all this happened my exwife got me drunk and when I was helpless enough for her to handle she stripped me naked then did this to me . After all the beer she got me to drink it wasnt long before I had to piss and that was when I found out the situation that I was in .After holding it as long as I could I did the only thing I could thinking that I would have to deal with the humiliation of pissing my self but quickly found out it was much worse when the pump kicked on and filled my mouth with my own piss.I held out as long as I could trying to come up with other options but you can only hold your breath for so long and I was forced to swallow every drop of my piss.When my ex finally returned she showed me how a tank can (and was ) be added before the pump which she pissed in and I also swallowed it down .

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