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    Lesbian Female / 51

    Growing up I was always the tallest girl in my class. Not taller than all the boys, but definitely taller than the girls. I developed earlier too. I kissed a girl in the sixth grade. My hormones were running and I liked her and I kissed her. I was sent to this alternative school. It was a Catholic all girls school. I had kissed a girl and I was sent to an all girls school. I never understood the punishment. There were girls in that school who liked to kiss and it wasn't long before I was kissing a different set of lips.

    I was athletic and I played on the school soccer team. We played other private schools and I got hot over several girls from the other schools. At one game there was only one shower room for both teams. We showered in our underwear and changed into dry underwear afterwards. But I got naked for this one girl. She was sitting on the bench taking off her shoes and I stood naked in front of her talking to her. It felt good to be naked in front of her, I could feel it, I was very aroused and very wet talking to her. She got up to go to the showers and I went with her. In the showers I told her I wanted her to get naked for me. She refused. I never saw her again, later I heard that she had quit soccer at her school.

    In college I was average in sports. Lots of girls played really hard. I tried out for rugby but did not make the team. I barely hung on to my spot on the soccer team. Barely. I wasn't fast enough or hard enough. I fell in and out of love with girl after girl. I had a short thing with a girl who played rugby, but she was too aggressive for me. I needed to be on top. I found a girl who was studying library science. She was quiet, but in bed she liked oral sex and she had me lick her bum end. She really liked that and requested it almost every time we had sex.

    I went on from college to work at a large shipping and distribution company in customer service. I joined a gym and worked out almost every day. At the gym I met a woman, she was defined, she worked out, and one day she got naked for me. I remembered the girl from my high school days. Except that this time I was the girl sitting on the bench with a naked girl in front of me making conversation. She pulled up her arms over her head and twirled and asked me if I liked. I said I liked. She asked me if I did pussy. I told her I did pussy.

    She was more aggressive to start but not as aggressive once sex started. I introduced her to bum eating. She laid on her tummy holding a pillow and let me lick and eat her bum. She tasted good to me, I almost preferred eating her bum than her pussy. But I ate both. We were work out friends and after work out sex partners. I don't think I ever fell in love with her, but I liked her a lot.

    I got fucked by a guy when I was 31. My memory was how could I be there staring up at the ceiling and this guy naked on top of me sticking his wicked penis in me. But the did. I didn't catch VD, but I caught a kid. With a kid everything changed. I was a reluctant pregnant woman, and I was a reluctant mother. But I had no choice. His idea of help was telling me what to do. I had more sex than I wanted and I ended up staying at home, he moved in with me, and he worked and I stayed at home. We got married.

    I did a second kid, more out of duty than anything else. Getting pregnant on purpose was a hard thing to do. At least the first time I didn't have any say in it. Now I was supposed to be ready for it. I did get pregnant and I did have my second kid.

    The short of all this is that I am married. Twenty years now. I am a lesbian and I have a steady girlfriend, she is a lawyer and we have a life around my husband, my kids and my house. She is the other woman in our life, she is at our house almost every day and my husband likes her well enough. When she gets bitchy he threatens to take her back to the bedroom and show her who is boss. A joke, but not a joke and she knows it. Like me she never expected that she would be deferring to a man, but she does and she doesn't say anything anymore. She likes him well enough.

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    Thanks for sharing. I appreciated reading about the early years of a middle aged lesbian. I've often wondered if it was much different from a middle aged gay man. I noticed many similarities in your confession.

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