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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    One day, when I was 13, I decided to go for a swim in my towns public pool early in the mourning. It was early enough that people probably would not show up for atleast an hour. So I decided I would go skinny dipping. I pulled down my blue and green swim trunks, exposing my 13 yearold 5 inch penis, balls, pubes, and chiseled ass to the world.

    I threw my trunks to the side of the pool and dived in. I felt great sexual pleasure as the cold water pushed up against my dick and spread in between my bare legs. I floated on my back a while letting my pale white crotch absorb the early mourning sun. Soon I saw people starting to walk towards the pool, and took that as a cue to go put my trunks back on. But then I stop myself, for if I was so aroused by being naked by my self, the pleasure I would feel with other people around me would be imense. So I move over to the wall of the pool and pushed my young cock and balls against the white tiles to conceal my self.

    Soon people started to populate the pool. I then noticed my neighbor walking over to me with her husband and her two kids she talks to me for a few minutes, all the while, dispute the cold water, my dick is in pain as my full blown erection is bent back by the wall. I am in agany untill she finishes talking and walks away, allowing me to pull my crotch way from the wall, and let my boner extend.

    I realize that I might be in over my head now. There are now at least 20 people, 7 of them kids around the pool. My trunks are far enough away that I will have to fully expose my self to get them. I decide that my best bet is to make a mad dash for them when
    most of the people are not looking.

    I saw an opportunity and took it. I climbed out, my hard dick sticking straight out, and started to run towards my trunks. As I was about to pass the entrance of the pool, a girl I knew from school, Molly, came around the corner wearing a tight red bikini. I tried to stop in time, but to no avail, and slammed into her. My dick slid off her cotch and the head rested against the inner part of right thigh, and I could feel the thin fabric against my pubes. Her tits pushed right up against my bare chest. She let out a gasp.

    Now every one at the pool was looking at my tiny ass . I caught a glimpse of Molly's tits, even spotting a bit of one of her nipples, followed by me blowing a huge load of cum all over her leg. I let out a moan. I then pulled myself away from Molly and grabbed my trunks and just ran, letting my wet, now floppy dick hit up against my leg as I ran.

    I was so scared that Molly would tell everyone at school what happened, but to my surprise, it turned out she had like what she saw (and felt) and asked me on a date. I will let you imagine how things went from there.

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