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    My cousin is a year younger than me. She is in my opinion a natural beauty. In any event, we were kids, she was thirteen and I was fourteen and I was watching television with her at her house and I asked her if she wanted to see my dick. I opened my pants and showed her my dick. I asked to see her pussy. She had to get her shorts down and her pussy was tucked up in between her legs so I could barely see the beginning of her pussy crack. But just looking at what I could see I got hard. I told her to suck me. She didn't do a very good job of it and I was so horny I couldn't stand it. I got the rest of her shorts off and spread her open on the couch and fucked her.

    I am so much older now, and I have been fortunate in the women department, I have fucked a lot of women. But the one fuck I can't forget is fucking my cousin that afternoon. It was a great fuck. The best fuck. I love fucking her. I just love digging my dick in her and fucking her. When I fuck her I hold off as long as I can, I trade off between eating her and fucking her and eating her and fucking her. When I unload I want her to get it all. Sometimes I save it up for a long time so I can load her up. She is the best fuck a man can have. She drives me crazy. When I unload in her she grabs me and holds me real tight and then looks after me and gets under my arm to go to sleep. She really knows how to be a woman.

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