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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Me and my wife work in the same office ,she is very dominant and loves to have fun with me at work and does all the time. The latest thing she did to me was yesterday when she told me to follow her to one of the private bathrooms when it was time for lunch.I did as ordered and she locked the door behind us and told me to take my pants and panties off,,bend over and grab the sink and spread my legs wide and not to look back or else so I obeyed her.She spread lube on my sissy ass hole and pushed a dildo up my ass telling me it was to loosten me up a bit first and I thought WOW she is going to use her strap-on to fuck me at work but I didnt say anything.I was very wrong ,,,,she fucked me with the dildo for a bit then dropped it in the sink in front of me and told me to wash it off real good and to stay bent over,then she wanted me to put it in my mouth and suck on it like a good little bitch. As soon as I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it she squirted more lube in my ass and told me not to stop sucking ,it was to help keep me quiet. Before I could think about what she said she started forcing a butt plug up my ass and I could tell it was bigger than any I had in my ass before and she giggled and like she read my mind told me yes ,it WAS bigger ,A LOT BIGGER . I dont know how long it took but it was a while and took quite a bit of work but she finally got it forced completely up my poor sissy ass. I had been using a medium but a week ago she made me buy a large plug and after filling my ass with my new one she told me my new one was an Xlarge with something extra that I would like.That was when it began to vibrate,and not very quietly either.She told me to pull my panties and pants up and showed me the small remote control telling me she could turn it on and off when ever she wanted to but also how hard it vibrated telling me it was on low then switched it to medium then immediatly to high. Right away I noticed it was very intense but also a lot louder but before I could think about it any more I had a very hard orgasm . My wife laughed telling me that was why she bought it for me and would have lots of fun with me wearing my new plug up my sissy ass when I am around others ,She told me she couldnt wait to watch my reaction when she wanted to make me cum in front of our woman friends,,then laughed wickedly and added that she would make me cum in my panties in front of younger girls too

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