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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I'm cotton Westmoreland..
    I Will get in a dumpster and got 3 or4. Shaking.. Smelly. Wet baby diapers out. I'll duck tape one on.
    Feels so good... And I'll put my face
    Down in one that's very soaked..and smelly.. Ooo smells so good.. I'll lay on my belly. And hump in the nice
    Soaking wet baby's diaper.. And rub my face in one ...till I cum..I'll do this. At any time.. And for anyone who. will force me to do this and more front of other's..
    then make me do oral..
    Or force me to suck on a baby's..
    Soaking smelly wet diaper..

    I'm on Instagram..
    I'm for real..
    Single s.. And couples..

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