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    I was never that tennis pro sleep8ng with married members wives and,the one I finally did wasn't on my or anyone else's radar for ladies,team tennis on palm beach Florida there was a host of 100 s of trophy wives to choose from. I couldn't believe I was fucking prim and proper milf with three daughters and her husband always gone doing real estate deals all over the country. She had the kids to tend to mostly picking them up at private school line at 2 pm. Over the years her and I would sext constantly and openly about what turnes,her on. Not so much what turned me on but together talking about who she would fuck and how I would be involved with her fucking either tapeing it , coordinating it, participating in it or doing her right after. Ealy on we learned we both ducked way better after she had been fucked. As she would masturbated twice a day her schedule sometimes put her close to being in line for pick up and embarresedcsomeone might pull up on her as she was orgasming we pick a spot that sometimes I could meet her st and that was the college park8nf lot right over the bridge from her house. The first year I could hardly ever get her to pull closer to up front by the boys dorm bit after a few times I had her pretend she didn't know the door was unlocked Andi jumped in forcing her face down and ducked her like I was viloyating her. She new it was me but gained more bold and parked further up front sitting up front bow instead of in the second or third row of her suv. I had ducked her many times,in that parking lot and had guys show up to watch even college guys Goethe word about that sub and model. I did a thing I'm kinda smaefull for i let's buddy of mine after coaching him on how to do it like I was violating her and uno he pulled it off and pulled it off again before long he had done her more than ten times, I decided to double spring the spring and enter in the door after my buddy had started. To my suppose they were not in the position I described but facing her she road him as I hope I'm and closed the hap I herd him say oh shit and I said hold that lets,peg her like iv wanted to . As she choked out gum words fuck words my God words she took more of my dock in her ass than ever as I blasted her add hole so hard I pushed them both into the second row I was more than two guys with there cocks reaching in and I took her mouth made her suck one as I pulled the other door handle a college boy hot his dock on her perfect full fake tits as he came she said fuck me fuck me so I moved and pit my dock fresh out of her add right into her mouth as I shoved it deep. I see the other boy mounting her tits as we worked around for 20 minutes I saw many guys look in. That became a regular stop for her when her hudband,was out of town I knew soketimes,she woukd,stop sometinea,she,would by tell me and siketimes,she did it when sge,was,mad at him or me and,other times,she shpw,up in a collegecnaseball team mates,room and I herd they did the jersey switch lightscout anscpulled a train .. the best sex I admit was when I knew,she had been trained that morning as I ducked her that after noon
    Gum came from all her holes

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