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    Straight Female / 22

    I am putting Straight because I am in a marriage to a man.

    My mother is a journalist. She is the take names type of person, put a mike in their face type of person, she doesn't give a damn who she steps on. She had me as an unfortunate mistake. She didn't want me but she got 'fucked' and that was that. I grew up primarily with my grandmother.

    Well I got 'fucked'. Senior in college, already accepted to graduate school. I got unceremoniously fucked.
    I had gone to my first asshole party, where women are meat, you are there to be fucked. But I didn't know that when I was invited. I was told it was going to wild and I had never been to a wild party. I didn't know I was going to be auctioned off when they found out I was a virgin.

    The guy who won me in the bidding, the guy who fucked me that night and the next, he got me pregnant. I was a virgin that night. Whether it was the first time, or the third time, or the fourth time when he fucked me the following weekend, it didn't matter. I was pregnant. I was graduating and I was going onto grad school and now my life was in his hands. We said the word abortion but it was no way, you get married. That is why I am married. I got married two weeks after my pregnancy was confirmed by my doctor.

    I am pregnant. I am not going to grad school. I have to sit it out. I found out how my mother had her unfortunate mistake. My dad had another girlfriend and he married her and not my mother. I was pregnant. I got married. He wasn't going to run off and marry some other girl. And I wasn't going to be stuck with a baby and my mother wasn't going to help me raise the kid. So I got married, as quick as I could. I have to live up to my responsibilities. He is going to live up to his responsibilities. He wrote his name on my forehead that night, well now he has me with his name on a marriage license, on my driver's license, on the lease of the apartment, and on my Social Security card. And he is going to have his name on this kid.

    There just is not going to be any such thing as an unfortunate mistake. Someday I will go to grad school. Maybe it will be ten years from now. I am not going to have an only child. And I am not going to have them five years apart either. Right now we are getting ready for the baby. My grandmother is helping me manage this. I really don't know what I am doing. My grandmother is going to help me, she will come and stay with me for a couple of weeks or for however long I need her. You see this thing is imminent. Like in the next week. And I don't know how to take care of him either. I have never been around a man.

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    I am confused by your first statement about being straight. You never referenced ever being with a woman. What is missing here?
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    Seek out some counseling. You're all over the place emotionally, and it isn't going to get any easier once the child arrives.
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    This is total bullshit.

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