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    Straight Male / 50

    I don't know if this is a fetish or not, but here it is.

    I want to take my wife to a nice hotel, strip her naked and tie her to the bed and bring in another married couple to do to her whatever they want, including the wife (who would be bisexual) having her way with my wife.

    The other woman would start by kissing, licking and sucking my wife's nipples. Once my wife becomes aroused, the other woman would start to roam around my wife's body with her mouth.

    The husband would be rubbing his cock all over my wife's face and tits, making himself hard. He would then start fucking my wife's mouth as his wife's face found its way between my wife's legs. The other woman begins to eat my wife and suck her pussy, getting her nice and wet in preparation for her husband taking over.

    The husband would go down on my wife while the other woman would start sucking my wife's tits again. After a few minutes of both of them orally servicing my wife, the husband mounts my wife and slips his cock in her wet pussy. He goes balls deep in her in one smooth stroke, making her gasp. The other woman smiles and changes position, mounting my wife's face and lowering her own dripping pussy to my wife's mouth.

    My wife has never had sex with another woman before but she is so aroused by the other man pumping in and out of her pussy that she eats the other woman without hesitation, licking, sucking and slurping hungrily. The man has good control and drills away nonstop in my wife's pussy, pulling his ten inches all the way out and plunging it back in to her up to the balls with each stroke.

    This goes on for over an hour, the man drilling the hell out of my wife's pussy while she eats the hell out of the woman's pussy who is still mounted on her face. The woman is undulating her hips, thrusting her pussy into my wife's mouth and covering her face with her thick, black muff. My wife sucks away like there is no tomorrow, drinking the woman's juices that have soaked the pillow on which my wife's head is lying.

    The husband begins to quicken his stroke and I know what's about to happen. With a loud moan, he fills y wife's pussy with his hot come. My wife comes in unison with him, her moans muffled by the woman's pussy who is riding her face. The man pulls out of her, starting to go soft. As if on que, the woman changes places with him. She goes down on my wife again, licking her creampie clean with meticulous attention. She does not miss one gob of her husband's come as she licks my wife clean.

    The husband returns to my wife's mouth, laying his cock across her face. She opens her mouth and sucks him in, cleaning their combined syrup from his tool. After she cleans him, the woman continues licking my wife's pussy for another fifteen minutes, making certain she is squeaky clean and giving her another two orgasms in the process.

    As I untie my wife, they quickly and silently dress and leave the room. No introductions were made, so my wife doesn't even know the names of the man and woman who have just ravaged her.

    To wrap things up, I guide my wife back to the bed and ease her down, gently pushing her legs apart. I begin licking her pussy, which drives her wild. Having my mouth between her legs where another man's cock has just been is too much for her. I can taste his come in her, and I tell her so. She shrieks as she orgasms in my mouth. I continue licking and sucking her pussy, making sure that any leftovers that the other woman may have missed do not go to waste.

    Licking my wife's just fucked pussy gives me raging hard-on, which I put to good use. I am so turned on that I don't last long, blasting her pussy full of my come. Of course, I suck and lick all of it out of her like a good husband which gives her another gut wrenching orgasm.

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