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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    I've been in a weird sort of on/off flirty back and forth with an ex colleague from work.

    She's super cute with the full alternative look, tattoos, great tits, nice ass etc etc...

    The issue is im also in a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams.

    Anyway recently... We caved. I was at the gym for leg day and in walks my ex colleague (tight lycra gym pants do funny things to me). She came across and we strated instantly with the flirty banter back and forth. She insisted on bending over in front of me alot and asking me for help in lifting the weights in the right way and helping her stretch.

    The flirting continued throughout and after a tough session we stepped outside, she offered me a lift home and after giving my legs a beating i was more than happy to accept.

    I invited her into the house for a coffee as a way to say thanks for the lift. I was in the kitchen pottering around sorting out the drinks and talking to her from the other room. When i went back through she was sat wearing nothing but a smile and holding a cushion over her tits. She took the drinks from me and got on her knees.

    She pulled my shorts down and forced my entire cock down her throat gagging and slurping on it making me harder and harder. She pulled away and while down on her knees looked me in the and said "I want you to fuck my throat". I grabbed her ponytail and forced my now rock hard cock down her throat over and over feeling my balls slap against her chin, hearing her gag and slurp...

    I pulled my dick out of her mouth and she smiled at me before spitting on my cock.

    She then turned around bending over the couch and grabbing my dick pulling me closer to her from behind. She rubbed the tip of my cock against her clit, slapping my cock against it whilst rubbing her pussy.

    She spat into her hand rubbed her tight asshole sliding a wet finger inside before pulling closer and telling me "fuck my ass, make me cum". She herself back slowly gasping as my hard dick forced its way inside her.

    I spent the next few minutes with my hand on the back of her neck pushing her face into the cushion to keep her quiet as I fucked her as hard as i could. My balls soaking from how wet her pussy was. She got louder and louder until she shuddered all over squirming as she came. I felt the muscles in her ass tighten around my cock and gently pulled my dick out of her to give a few seconds to get her breath.

    She turned around to me smiling. I smacked her ass and easily slid my dick inside her pussy slamming her as hard as I could feeling her get wetter and wetter until i couldnt hold on any longer. I shot a massive load inside her as I sucked on her tits feeling my balls drain with every throb from my cock.

    I instantly felt the guilt knowing that I had cheated telling her this can never happen again. She stood up and got her clothes back on as my cum began to run down her leg. She smiled saying she understood but that it had been the best trip to the gym she'd had.

    It wasn't just my legs that were fucked by the end of that day!

    Guilty yes but also fun... Definitely

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    do her again who cares

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