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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Got into an argument at a hotel bar, with some 'rough and ready' guys about my same age, while we were all snowed in during a blizzard. I left for my room before it got violent, and thought no more of it. I've always been a rubber 'freak' and love latex. Anyway, I have a heavy latex sleep sack, with gloves, socks, hood, all built in. I like to slip into it, and sleep like that, although I can't zip it up fully at the back. It's enough to feel like I'm helpless, while still being able to shrug it off my shoulders, and get out of it, when necessary. Anyway, I had it laid out on the bed, and was bare, and ready to get into it, when there was an insistent knocking at the door. Wrapping a towel round myself, I went to see who it was. A voice said "Room Service, with your order" and I foolishly opened the door without checking the peephole. Turned out it was three of the guys from the bar, even more liquored up, and they pushed their way inside, and yanked my towel off at the same time. Then they spotted the latex sack, and my fate was sealed! They had me fully zipped up in it, in what seemed like a few brutal seconds, with my arms in the inner sleeves for the first time ever, and I was more helpless than I had ever dreamed of, and pretty scared too! The hood had two clusters of tiny holes, almost invisible, over my eyes, giving me a faint fuzzy image of what was around me. Another small cluster of tiny holes lay right over my nostrils, and there was a three-inch zipper of airtight black nylon across my mouth, presently sealed tight shut, silencing me, with access to mere 'survival' air - not enough for the luxury of speech! They slapped me around pretty hard, for ages, as I staggered to maintain my balance, then pushed me to my knees, jerked the zipper open, and took turns face-fucking me, lazily and taking all the time in the world, free from any threat of interruption. This was something I had never even dreamed of - all my fantasies were about voloptuous older women - but I had no means of stopping them, as they held the back of my head, and thrust in and out, slowly, intensely, endlessly, until the gag/swallow reflex was triggered by a long spurt of hot thick gunk hitting the back of my throat! Seemed like by the time the third one finished, the first one was ready again! By the time they had each come twice, the helpless humiliation and air-scarce sensory deprivation, had slowly made me totally erect, to my humiliation. Then the zipper right over the mound I was making in the heavy rubber, slid open, and all my goodies burst out of the tight latex, into the open! They tied something tight round the roots, and began to maul my testicles, painfully, squeezing, yanking, slapping, with hard brutal fingers, as I writhed helplessly, in the comfortable but inescapable rubber. I was dimly aware of others entering the room, gradually, until it seemed like there were maybe seven or eight of them, all anxious to add their contribution to the pint or more of jizz, lying uneasy in my stomach. The pint gradually became a quart, and I had to concentrate hard on not vomiting, which would probably have killed me! Gradually my whole sense of self was changing, and it slowly dawned on me that there could NEVER be a more intensely arousing event, if I lived to 90! I no longer hated what was happening to me, and instead began to wish it would just go on for ever! Be careful what you wish for, they say......Eventually they all left, and I fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke, the rear zipper was open enough for me to make my usual escape. Hours later I went into the bar again, and found the entire group sitting round a table, drinking beer. "Want some more, bitch?" was what met me. "Only if you put some fucking effort into it this time! The snow won't last for ever....." So we all returned to my room, and they put me back in the sack, as before. Then one voice said happily - "you don't know this, but we are a work crew with a six month contract just down the road, so we ain't going NOWHERE, bitch, and neither are you! We read your diary, know you don't work, and can stay wherever you want for as long as you want! So, you are here, just like this, for that whole six months, just as soon as we get off shift, every day! Oh, and there are two shifts, so you'll have a few hours to clean up, eat, and relax, before the next bunch comes off and puts you right back in that bag! We will even pay your room bill, and there will always be a 'do not disturb' sign on your door. and the housekeeping crew will be paid off to stay well away from your room! So, basically we own your sorry ass, for at least six months - maybe more, because they're negotiating a follow-on contract, a mile or two in the other direction, and THAT one will take at least a year! So, smart-ass, whaddya think of THEM apples? Think you'll get enough cock to suck, in maybe eighteen months?" Another voice added "Yeah and if that's not enough, we can take him in the motor-home, just like that, to wherever we go THEN!" Much laughter.......

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    So fake.

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