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    Lesbian Female / 21

    Life is not fair.

    I am Vietnamese and I am short and flat. My girlfriend, who is Hispanic, is so beautiful. She has the most womanly figure. Hips and boobs, and she is so pretty. She wears her hair long, and her lips are always so full. She has oriental looking eyes, almond shaped that are the color of honey. She likes me because she says I feel like a little girl to her, but I am 21. She is my dream woman, I love to be in her arms, I love feeling her skin all over me. I just wish that I had some boobs too. My chest is so flat, you only know I am a girl when you see that I don't have a dick. I have always wanted boobs, I don't like my chest.

    I want to look like a woman too, not look like a twelve year old girl.

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    Everyone is unique,dear lady.Your love has accepted you without any preconditions and so you should rejoice,instead of going further into depression.

    Stand tall and be proud of yourself.

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