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    Straight Female / 36

    For my 36th birthday I gave myself a cruise in the Mediterranean. I didn't have anyone to go with me so I went alone. I flew to Italy and caught the ship there.

    On board the ship I met a gentleman, he danced with me and had dinner with me. He offered me, for a fee, to come to my room and entertain me. I was shocked, he was nice and said that is how he made a living, being nice to ladies like me. I said what the fuck, and agreed to have him come to my room.

    In the room he gave me his rates, so much to suck him, so much for him to fuck me and so much if I wanted to go around the world. I asked what was going around the world. He said he would fuck me in the bottom. I spent 700 Euros that night, I took it all. Granted the bottom fucking scared me the most, but once he did it, it felt the best.

    In the room he asked me to get naked, or if I wanted to I could just lower my pants. It was up to me. Not knowing him I elected to take off only my pants and I got on the bed on my knees and bent over. I guess that is why he kept suggesting to go around the world with me. I just can't get over how good it felt.

    I noticed after he was done and he went into the bathroom to wash up that he didn't use any condoms. I froze. I confronted him and he told me that he only entertained nice ladies like me. I shouldn't worry. I did, for weeks afterwards, but I checked negative for everything.

    Before he left I got completely naked and asked him to look at me. It felt good being naked in front of him.

    I didn't have enough money to be entertained again on that trip. I spent all my reserve money on that night. He was around, and he was polite, but he was intent of making money every night and he was visiting with other ladies on board. The rest of my vacation was somber and I felt alone. All I brought back from my vacation was the memories.

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    That's what vacations are about . . . making memories. You did that in spades, good for you. Remember too, another man has seen you totally naked, and you liked it.
    Overall a great trip, and how many women do you know who have paid a male hooker to fuck her and leave?
    Seems like you made some life memories.
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    Agreed with #1. Life is about making great memories and you succeeded! Too often we regret the things we wished we had done but didn't.
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    I am sure at least 10 men on board would have fucked the shit out of you for free. Next time try to make it your own way. Good luck and have fun.
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    We have not met but if we ever did I would be meeting the first woman who paid for sex she could have from most any man.

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    But this guy was a very professional guy. Highly experienced and careful but knew how to make her feel good so she did the right thing and it turned out great. Sure any guy would have done it for free but she probably wouldn't have had the same experience.
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    It's sad to see #5 is so out of touch. Evidently she's been brainworshed ; fully believing that men can act like professionals in the art of sexually pleasing a woman.
    Perhaps with some Chinese shock treatments or something, she can be brought back to reality, realizing that scores of men are naturally good at mating/breeding a broad minus them having to pay for it. furthermore, if they are normal like me, rubbers aren't even in the equation. She needs to get up to speed ; we aren't in the 1960's anymo.

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