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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Over the last several months I have been seeing the son of a good friend on the side. Patrick is a very handsome young man and for some reason he is in his words "extremely attracted" to me and my big dick. We try to hook up about once a week. We are very secretive and protective of our growing relationship. I genuinely care for Patrick and he feels much the same. Our sex is supercharged with intensity and passion. I adore his boyish face as my thick cock stretches his lips as I gently but firmly fuck his throat. He is quite athletic and he likes to ride and stride on my cock. It is utterly sensual and erotic to me when I am fucking young Patrick. I am struck with the pangs of love and devotion that I used to feel for my wife when I ate her pussy as I penetrate his handsome tight ass with my tongue. I shake with nervous anticipation each time I mount him and penetrate his sexy young hole. He loves when I fuck him with long deep strokes. I see stars and feel overwhelming joy and affection as I cum inside him. And as a loving reward I blow Patrick and swallow his sweet cum. Wow, well that where it is right now.

    I'm still fucking the old lady, but my mind remains on Patrick.

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