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    One day my girlfriend decided to straddle me while I was sitting on the couch. She was a giggly person, but quieted down as she deeply kissed me. We started making out, and my bulge strained against her. She then started grinding against it as we made out. A moment later, I started feeling something warm and wet. I was too deep in the moment of pleasure to care what was happening. My girlfriend continued wetting herself as she grinded against me. This is one of the most intense orgasms she ever gave me. I came so hard, and she just kept going until she reached her orgasm.

    I'm not too much into piss, but the act of wetting, especially with her, is such a turn on for me now. We don't do stuff with it often, but frequent enough to prepare and clean up.

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    I dated a girl who wanted me to prime her with pee before we fucked. It worked like a gem. We used rubber sheets and plenty of towels.
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    OP: I've came twice once with her doing this. It's never happened since then, but damn was it intense. Either way, I end up popping almost instantly anytime we do this. We may not do it often, but you'd think I'd have some control by now. She loves it though. The faster she makes me cum, the hotter she feels.

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