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    Straight Male / 51

    In my early twenties I was in an accident that required a lot of rehab. I went to this center three times a week for six months. I fell in love with the rehab nurse. I did go back to talk to her when I was up and walking again, and told her my feelings. She rejected me and told me that I was going to get over it and live my life.

    Well I am not over it.

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    You're suffering from the florence nightingale effect.
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    Tough, get on with your life. She doesn't want you, so live with it and move on without pestering her again. You're 51, not 16.......
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    It is not always florence nightingale effect. Sometimes it is real.

    I have met quite a few nurses in my life, but only one I have a genuine crush on. Still after all these years.

    I have felt the florence nightingale effect too. It is so easy "to fall in love" when there is someone who is listening you and helping you. But it is only their job. They get pay for doing it. In the end when they go home, they do not bring work at home and they do not feel anything for you. You are just another patient for them.

    Sometimes it is real, most often it is not, and practically always the nurses does not feel anything. They have hundreds of patients each year and they get everything from the patients, from nasty suggestions to expressions of love, to any regular communication. They dont remember you.

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